27th of January 2014

27th of January 2014 (2014-01-27)

As of January 27th, EuromajdanSOS has the following information.
Since January 16th, EuromajdanSOS got 84 calls regarding persons that disappeared and with who there have been no connection for a long time.
As of 18.00 pm January 27th, 57 persons were found (without counting those who are in rayon police departments and hospitals)
Currently, according to EuromajdanSOS data, 27 persons are still not found.


26th of January 2014 (2014-01-26)

Unfortunatly, we cannot inform you immediately about all victims with their names since we are not able to collect this information as fast it comes. Awful victims that must not be in 21st century. The victims are numerous and we would like to tell about this to the whole world.

HERE YOU CAN FIND THE LIST OF VICTIMS (on Ukrainian) http://maidanchronicles.com/victims

25th of January 2014 (2014-01-25)

While Yanukovich has been telling stories about his willingness for reconciliation, police criminal terror continues in Ukraine.

Today around 12 pm 9 strangers in gray camouflage without any identification mark attached 6 persons from  patrol group (probably, self-organization of Majdan) at Kreshchatyk street near Besarabska Square. The attackers were armed with firearms. When attack started one man from patrol group run for help, and brought medical service staff. Together they beat off the attackers. However, one man from patrol group got a gunshot wound in liver, other got thin bone broken, third man was the luckiest – he was shot through.

All wounded got first medical help and were evacuated out of Kyiv for their safety.

volodymir Sumeyko1volodymir Shumeyko

Vladimir Shumejko, activist from Kryvyj Rih. Left for Majdan to Kyiv before December 31. After January 16th does not respond on his phone, and was not noticed in social networks. He does not contact his relatives. He is kidnapped.

Olexandra Haylak

Olexandra Haylak – this girl is a volunteer of Majdan health service. She is 22 years old.

Yesterday she was returning home, when at Kyiv central railway station she was asked to show her documents. After policeman saw her Majdan badge he immediately called ‘Berkut’. They arrived with a civil car, took her inside the car, brought out of the city, took her medicine against asthma, her documents, bit on kidneys and left her in the forest. She was hardly able to find her way out of the forest and to get to people.

‘Berkut’ are fascists and can only be compared to the Gestapo of the fascists in Germany . They are to be judged and sent to ordinary jail (not the one special for members of police).

REAL FASCISM!!! – 23rd of January 2014, special govermental troops tount this man (Mikhailo Gavriliaka)


At night January 20th,  ‘Berkut’ fighters burst into the premises where two construction workers had having their rest after working day in a building on Hrushevskogo street. ‘Berkut’ forced the workers to get up, undressed, and turned outside, even though it was -10 outside. ‘Berkut’ used the workers as alive targets for shooting with rubber bullets, forcing them to move.


 42 journalists were shot, injured, wounded, arrested by the governmental forces, kidnapped or beaten with the unknown groups of men during 3 days, 22-24 January 2014!

Viktor Yanukovich showed what he is thinking how the democracy looks like!



21-22 of January 2014 (2014-01-22)


On the 22th of January 2014 the first THREE REOPLE WERE KILLED by the violent troops of President Yanukovich

first victims

from the right to the left: Yiriy Verbitskiy, Mikhailo Zhizdnevskiy, Sergiy Nigoyan

The three brave men gave their life for the freedom of millions in Ukraine.

Sergiy Nigoyan:  he was shot dead on  22 January 2014. Sergiy was 20 years old, lived in the Dnipropetrovsk region. When he was found he had 2 wounds from shots by government: on the neck and in the head. He dreamed to became an actor, believed in God very much and liked to read Shevchenko’s poems what he did on Maidan these days.


Text on banner: God speaks via the voice of the people.

Shevchenko reading on 22 December 2013

Mikhailo Zhizdnevskiy – 25 years old, from Belarus, but temporarily lived in Bila Tserkva, Ukraine:


Yiriy Verbitskiy – 50 years old, Lviv (Ukraine), seismologist, candidate of physical-mathematical science, was kidnapped from a hospital, tortured and left in the woods near Kyiv (at a temperature of -15-10 degrees), was freezing with the constrained hands and head braided with sticky tape.




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