No progress on Constitution. Rybak offers to make commission

Saturday, February 15, 2014, 09:31

Verkhovna Rada Chairman Volodymyr Rybak proposes to establish next Tuesday a special committee to agree on the bill on amending the Constitution.

Rybak believes that this committee should include representatives of all political factions and, if necessary , experts in constitutional law.

“Most of the Verkhovna Rada is ready to consider all proposals in accordance with the 13th section of the Constitution, which stipulates the procedure for amending the Basic Law”.

According to him, the commission has to work on the proposed draft amendments to the Basic Law and to adjust the variant which will then be submitted to the Parliament.

Rybak reported on the outcome of Friday’s meeting with the heads of the VR, authorized representatives of factions, leaders of some of the specialized committees and representative of the President in the legislature.

According to him, the participants discussed the draft agenda of the parliament’s work for the next week and options for amending the Constitution. This meeting was the third during this week.

Rybak said that a working group of representatives of factions is considering four bills on amending the Constitution.

However, there is still no ready version of the law, and there are no approved materials, said the speaker.

Rybak criticized the stance of the opposition, who allegedly wanted to “get together in the morning and in the evening have a different constitution and a different structure, to move from a presidential- parliamentary republic to a parliamentary-presidential in one day.”

The speaker stressed that it is necessary to consider this process carefully because it involves making changes and in more than 80 existing laws .

According to Rybak, the agreed bill on amendments to the law may be submitted to the Venice Commission after obtaining the appropriate conclusions voted on in the initial reading and passed to the Constitutional Court of Ukraine.

To make the Rada work on Tuesday, its chairman suggested considering the social and economic issues on Monday, whereas the leaders of the factions will continue to “work on changes of the Constitution.”

Rybak also said that problematic issues should be considered at the session hall, so that journalists and all people could hear it.

The original text is on Ukrainska Pravda at:


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