Shotgun shells on Hrushevskiy Street after Berkut leaves

Monday, February 17, 2014, 17:40

While cleaning up the barricades on Hrushevskiy Street in Kyiv, journalists found shells to 12 gauge shotguns in the area where the security forces stood. Peter Andrusechko, a Polish journalist, wrote about this in Nowa Europa Wschodnia’s recent publication.

While cleaning Hrushevskoho barricades on Sunday, February 16th, journalists for the first timewere able toclimb thehilland visit Berkut’s fortifications.

On the way they saw water cannons. In the area where the security forces were deployed, they found shells made by Polish, German, American and Czech companies for 12-gauge shotguns. “In the immediate vicinity of the barricades from “Berkut” side there were firecrackers and “Molotov cocktails” which did not explode,” Andrusechko said.


“But the most interesting were the piles of ammunition cartridges used by Berkut during the battle on Hrushevskiy Street. Their number (hundreds, if not thousands) indicates the extent of weapons use,” the Polish journalist wrote. “There were identified four types of ammunition produced by foreign companies, as they had different colors,” he noted.

Redcasings came fromammunitionproduced by France’s Spartan,orange by the Czech Republic’s “Sellier & Bellot”,white casing with nodistinctivesigns were defined by journalists as American and blue casing came from Poland’s FAM Pionki.


“And now,most importantly,”FAM Pionki” offers (on its web-site) among a variety of ammunition models, bluecartridgesin the section “SpecialAmmunition-live ammunition” marked with LFT – 6.8 (12 gauge). The cartridge has 12lead shots,” Andrusechko writes.

The Polish journalist wonders when and under what agreement this ammunition was purchased for the Ukrainian militia; for which tasks this ammunition with lead shot was designed, or is it possible to upgrade the cartridges in order to use bolts, etc, instead of shots.

AccordingtoZIKTV channel, the FAM Pionki website does not specify purpose of the cartridges. However, the diameter of 6.8 mm indicates that this is not a fraction but powerful shot.

We know that the Ukrainian police have repeatedly denied use of military ammunition and particularly metal shot.

The original text is on Ukrainska Pravda at:


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