Media: militia use families to put pressure the opposition

Monday, February 17, 2014, 17:34

In Dnipropetrovsk, the militia issued an appeal to the opposition by the motherof one of the detainees held after theso-called “assault on the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration” building, Radio Liberty reported.

Activists believe that this is the price for commuting her son’s sentence.
Elena Bardachenko, the detainee’s mother, urged the opposition to free the administrative building and enter into a truce with the government.

Activists in Dnipropetrovsk say that the mother’s position is fully understandable, but the story underlying this video appeal is the question. Vyacheslav Poyizdnyk, journalist and coordinator of the social movement “ZOV” (stands for “one law for all”), noticed that the YouTube video was downloaded from the account of the oblast militia office press service.

“In my opinion, the mother was forced to record this appeal in exchange for easing the sentence for her son. After it was recorded, the son was released on pre-trial house arrest. If she wanted to express her position, she could have approached journalists,” and the activist is surprised. However, Mrs.Bardachenko rejected any possibility of being coerced into making the recording, and claimed that she initiated this appeal because she worried a lot about her son.

The mother says that this video appeal was recorded by “some TV channel” and does not know who distributed it on the internet.

“I called to the editorial office and asked to record my appeal. People came and recorded. I worried much and didn’t asked name of the TV channel. I actually called a variety of channels – 11 and 34 …” the woman said.

Meanwhile, the regional police office confirmedthatthey recorded her appeal and made it public.
“We favor the implementationof the amnesty law. Currently, all three ofthe lastdetainees arereleasedunder housearrest… and as such we show our dedication and good will for peaceandstability,”AlexeiShcherbatov, police spokesman, said.
Ukrainska Pravda

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