UKRAINE URGENT UPDATE. 00:15, 01:34, 19th of February, 2014


1. 2 more people died in Hospital #17, reports journalist Tetyana Danilenko

2. “Titushki” shoot 2 protestors on Big Zhytomyrska street around 00:15. The eyewitness Serhiy Morgunov posted the video on his Facebook page. He claims that one person is dead (this is not confirmed).

3. Berkut attacked and occupied Profsouz building on Maidan. The building is burning. Protesters are evacuated by the ropes.

4. More than 1000 injured already, more than 100 people in every hospital – says doctor Olha Bohomolets, one of Euromaidan doctors coordinators

5. In Lviv Prosecutors Headquters are stormed by people. The documents are destroyed.


(1) 20 people are claimed dead.

– 3 dead bodies at Profsouz building (Officers house) at the Maidan at early evening (photo fact)
– 2 older people (man and woman) found dead at the barricadres at the Institutska streeet (near the entrance to the Khreschatyk metro station) (photo fact)
– 1 man died near the National Bank building (photo fact)
– 1 protestor was founded with had cut near the Parliament building (BBC journalists report)
– 5 people killed during the Maidan crackdown (The Mirrow of Week journalist report)
– 2 dead people just brought to the Hospital #17 (information from MP Iryna Geraschenko who is there)
– 7 people brought to morgue (not confirmed information)

At least 3 people died from wounds.

(2) Maidan crackdown started at 20:03. Riot police and internal troops used 3 watter cannons. 2 of them were burned by the protestors. Riot police is throving burning cocktails from the top of the Globus trade centre. Tends, part of the trade centre and part of the Profsouz building are burning. The Independance monument is burning.Riot police is using granates. Ukrainian House attacked by riot police is free from protestors. Kyiv city administration is occupied by the protestors.

(3) A lot of people are in Kyiv police departments. In 5 police departments lawyers are not allowed to the jailed protestors. About 20-40 protestors are in each police department.

(4) In Lviv, Ternopil and Ivano Frankivsk (Western Ukraine) protestors blocked and stormed local Internal Ministry (main regional police office). In Ternopil the police office is burning. In Lviv Prosecution Office and Srate Security offices blocked. Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk state administrations are again occupied by protestors. In Western Ukraine people block internat troops. Rivne (Cenral Ukraine) pepople are storming Berkut riot police basecamp.

(5) More than 500 people are injured in Kyiv. 110 people are in Kyiv hospitals (№17 on Laboratorna, 20 street, Emergency hospital). Most of the injured people are brought to self organized hospitals in churches.

(6) Internal Ministry made official statement of 6 policeman died, 159 injured and 35 in the hospital.

(7) Kyiv blocked. According to the Internal Ministry official statement all entrances to Kyiv will be blocked since midnigh. Kyiv city administration made official statement that underground metro station will be closed. The airports are still working. Information about stopped airconnection is not confirmed.

(8) More than 30 000 people are at the Maidan right now. They are surrounded by more than 10 000 riot police and internal troops. More and more people are comming to the Maidan by foot. Both man and woman.

More photos – http://bilozerska.livejournalecom/812889.html
Photos attached by Vladislav Soldel


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