As protest Ukrainian Olympians boycott the Sochi Olympics (aka Putin Olympics)

According to Ukrainska Pravda:

Ukrainian Olympians: “We, members of the National Olympic team of Ukraine: Matsotska Bohdana and Matsotskiy Oleh are deeply indignant at recent actions of President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. Instead of negotiations to resolve the conflict at Maidan ( we had a hope for while leaving to the Olympic Games in Sochi) he sank the latest hopes of Ukrainians in blood, thus breaking with the eternal principle of the Olympic Games – the Peace during the Olympics.
In solidarity with the fighters on Maidan barricades and protests against the bandit – the president and his grovelling government, we refuse further performance at the Olympic Games in Sochi 2014.
An imperishable memory of fallen heroes of Ukraine for freedom!
Glory to Ukraine and its Heroes!”

Why only the Ukrainian Olympians? Why not the Olympians from the free world? WHY!


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