Update 20 February, 20.15 GMT=21.15 Ukraine




21.14 While dead bodies were carried out from Maidan, thousands of people were chanting “Heroes” in unison.

21.01 UNCONFIRMED: Parliament Speaker Rybak flees from Kyiv. According to an eyewitness in Kyiv Zhuliany Airport, the speaker was spotted in the VIP lounge of Terminal D of the airport, awaiting a flight out of Kyiv. This was as a crucial parliament meeting was going on in the Verkhovna Rada on the crisis in Ukraine.

20.45 People are blocking Boryspil airport to prevent deputies run away from country.

20.40 Information from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: “Uniformed troops – 1,500 paratroopers, 400 marines and special forces – are heading to Kyiv. They have been subordinatied to the SBU (Ukrainian Security Service) to conduct anti-terrorist operations. There will be a clearing [of the Maidan] rather soon. Officers, ensigns and contracted men. Moral is low. Seventy percent of them do not want to fight against the people. ”

P.S. This refers to the 25th Airborne Brigade, the 1st Brigade of Marines, the 831 anti-insurgency squad, and 73rd nautical centre special purpose [troops].

20.25 Kyiv metro reopened partially.

20.14 People in regions are actively preventing riot police troops, the military and titushki from getting to Kyiv, in Dnipropetrovsk oblast people were lying on the rails to stop the train with special troops.

20.12 Oleksandr Aronets: “People write! URGENT! In Petrovac Vyshgorodsky district people blocked the road. Cops from Mezhyhirya breadking out to Maidan, need tv channels before the people are killed:.

19.20 Radical Party MP Oleh Lyashko:

“I am sure that any delay will result in death.
So I suggest that my colleagues immediately vote for:
1. The withdrawal of troops from Kyiv
2. The prohibition of the use of weapons against the citizens of Ukraine
3. The removal from office of [Interior Minister Vitaly] Zaharchenko
4. The resignation of the attorney general
5. The holding of early presidential elections within 60 days
6. A return to the Constitution of 2004
7. The formation of a government of national trus.”

18.45 UNCONFIRMED: Private jet of oligarch Rinat Akhmetov in the air, flying to Europe.

18.35 Rivne Party of Regions announced dissolution.

18.30 Poltava police together with activists are patrolling the city streets and will block and turn back “titushky” on their way to Kyiv.

18.20 Oleh Lyashko informs Party of Regions members Saldo and Povaliy flee from Ukraine.
“Party of Regions deputies Saldo and Povaliy are in Borispol airport VIP-terminal now. They run away from the people’s wrath.”

18.15 Interfax-Ukraine: UK Foreign Secretary William Hague has condemned the violence in Ukraine and said that the authorities should be blamed for the worsening of the situation in the country.

The secretary said this before an urgent sitting of the Council of Europe on Foreign Relations focusing on Ukraine.

He urged Ukraine’s leadership to urgently and radically change their attitude to the events, and not use any violence.

According to the secretary, it is incorrect to call the protesters terrorists, as the majority of them are merely fighting for a better future for their country.

For the EU it is a priority to stop the violence in Ukraine to achieve a peaceful and democratic regulation of all these problems, Hague said.

The UK secretary said Europe would discuss imposing sanctions against those responsible for the disorder in Kyiv

18.03 Lesya Orobets: “Due to Yanukovych’s obstinacy and no desire to hear people on February, 18-20, new clashes between the law enforcement agencies representatives and protesters took place in Kyiv. They resulted in much more deaths and murders than ever during any other protests which have been held in Ukraine since 1991.

The statistics says that more than 40 people were killed during the last days, while by now identified are only 16 activists and 5 policemen.

Each death is a tragedy, noone should be forgotten.

The lives of these bright people-activists could have been saved if more pressure was put on Yanukovych to listen to Ukrainians. We will glorify our heroes but right now our aim is in no case to allow other deaths!

And we crucially need the help of West in this.

We have to save our heroes, brave men who are not afraid to give their lives for Ukraine. We have to save fathers for babies, honest businessmen for the economy, defenders for the democracy.

To build prosperious Ukraine we will need them alive.

Glory to Ukraine!”

17.40 Batkivshchyna: Ukrainian Olympic delegation refused to participate and left the Olympics in Sochi.

17.36 Maidan medical service coordinator reported more than 100 people (!) killed today. Over 500 people hospitalized.

17.30 Cherkasy police moved to the side of people

17.21 Interfax-Ukraine: Foreign Ministers Radoslaw Sikorski of Poland, Laurent Fabius of France and Frank-Walter Steinmeier of Germany left the Ukrainian Presidential Administration building on Thursday evening after a meeting with Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.

The meeting lasted for almost six hours, an Interfax-Ukraine correspondent said. The ministers emerged from the administration building with grave faces and quickly got into their cars, refusing to speak to reporters.

17.12 According to MP Oleh Lyashko, Yanukovych’s sons’ families have fled Ukraine. Plane with them on board has flown out of Donetsk Airport, according to Donetsk prosecutors’ office. Not clear if Yanukovych’s sons were also on board.

17.04 In Ternopil Berkut oath of allegiance to the Ukrainian people

16.56 Doctor Olha Bohomolets: Police were shooting for death at the brain, heart, neck, lungs. They did not let doctors treat them. None of the 12 dead here (at Ukraina Hotel) were wearing armor. We operate here (at Ukraina Hotel). Because in hospitals, police are stealing them (protesters). – Christopher Miller.

16.50 Zakharchenko dressed in camouflage and found police was issued weapons, which will be applied (as if they didn’t apply it before)…how about dozens of gunshot dead? What should protesters face when police weapons ussage is legally allowed by bloody government?

16.42 Special troops have finally left the train in Dnipropetrovsk oblast moving to Kyiv. People blocked the train.

16.30 More than 60 protesters killed in Kyiv today.

16.10 People in Dnipropetrovsk oblast blocking a train full of special troops (army), forcing it to stop and the troops to disembark. They’re shouting “The army with the people!” It looks like Yanukovych is having trouble bringing in reinforcements to prop up his teetering regime.

15.59 Railways restoring movement of trains from the West to Kyiv.

15.45 Children Ombudsman Pavlenko resigned from the post of Commissioner of the President of Ukraine on the Rights of Child.

14.58 Praviy Sektor leader Dmytro Yarosh appeals to oligarchs to support Ukrainian people.

14.39 Interfax-Ukraine: Head of Kyiv City State Administration Volodymyr Makeyenko has said that he has decided to quit the Regions Party and take personal responsibility for the situation in Kyiv.

“I, Volodymyr Makeyenko, am appealing to you personally, Mr. President, and to the heads of the security forces. The ongoing events in the Ukrainian capital are a tragedy for all Ukrainian people. I responsibly announce that I am ready to do everything possible to stop the bloodshed and fratricide in the heart of Ukraine – on Independence Square. Human life must be the highest value in our country and nothing can contradict this principle,” he said in a statement to the Ukrainian president, which was published on the Web site of the city administration on Thursday afternoon.

“To confirm his words, I have decided to withdraw from the Regions Party and accept personal responsibility for vital functions in Kyiv,” he said.

13.48 Death toll rising with at least 35 people killed, most by gunshots from police. Fatally wounded in heads, necks and chests.

13.38 Around 18 activists shot dead today.

13.21 Interfax-Ukraine: Head of Kyiv City State Administration Volodymyr Makeyenko has quit the Regions Party and ordered the reopening of the Kyiv Metro, the administration’s press service has told Interfax-Ukraine.

An official statement on this matter will be made public soon.

13.19 Interfax-Ukraine: A group of Regions Party MPs is initiating an urgent meeting of the Verkhovna Rada to return to a parliamentary-presidential form of government and have expressed their support for the Ukrainian people.

“We, a group of people’s deputies of Ukraine, are calling for an urgent meeting of the Verkhovna Rada today, on February 20, at 15.00 to return a parliamentary-presidential form of government,” they said in a joint statement.

They also expressed support for the Ukrainian people and the expression of their will.

13.14 Interfax-Ukraine: UDAR Party leader Vitali Klitschko has called on MPs to immediately meet in parliament at 1500 to make a decision to resolve the crisis and demanded that President Viktor Yanukovych call early presidential elections.

“We must do the following – First, Verkhovna Rada deputies should immediately meet in parliament at 15.00 to make a decision on a way out of the crisis,” Klitschko said in an urgent appeal published on the Web site of the UDAR Party.

“Second, it’s necessary to reboot the power. President Yanukovych should call early presidential elections. This is now the only way to stop the violence.

12.55 The bodies of anti-government protesters shot dead by the police lie on Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kyiv.

12.52 MP Tsariov left Ukraine and arrived to Moscow.

12.49 Kyiv metro doesn’t work for people, but works for security forces. They are carried to Obolon, Chervonyi Khutir and Darnytsia metro stations.

12.48 Maidan Nezalezhnosti now a hive of frantic protester activity, as they attempt to rebuild barricades to protect the ground they have regained. Reports of bus loads of “titushki” hired thugs from eastern Ukrainian cities converging on the capital. Reports of snipers targeting protesters and medics who come to their aid. Reports of police and titushki being armed with machine guns. Announcement from stage: In Uzhgorod (western Ukraine) the police and the Berkut have switched to the side of the people.

12.45 Interfax-Ukraine: Thirteen dead bodies are lying at a trolleybus stop on Maidan Nezalezhnosti Independence Square in Kyiv.

An Interfax-Ukraine reporter said that shots were being fired from the building of the burnt out Trade Unions House. The dead has the only one injury, but fatal – it means snipers shot purposefully.

Protesters are protecting the bodies with shields.

12.35 In Lviv and Uzhgorod all the security forces moved to the side of people and swear to serve the people.

12.25 Large numbers of security service forces and ‘titushky’ ate brought to Kyiv while Yanukovych announced the ‘truce’. There’s information about special trains with ‘titushky’ and security forces arrival in Kyiv.

12.14 Protesters find numbers of evident examples of military weapons and ammunition applied against people. Grenades and Kalashnikov gun bullets. People are wounded and shot dead in heads and necks purposefully. Young volunteer girl is wounded in a neck.

11.52 People around Ukraine report buses with firearmed ‘titushky’ move towards Kyiv. While trying to block them, ‘titushky’ threaten firearms. ‘Titushky’ come up to Kyiv center from around Kyiv.

11.46 Main stage: medical workers and volunteers of Maidan are shocked and desperate with numbers of wounded people who die on their arms. They call in tears for peace and real truce.

11.45 Main stage: Speakers call National Deputies to join people and stop awfull bloodshed – people won’t storm Verkhovna Rada.

11.34 Snipers by Nezalezhnosti monument and Maidan barricades shoot people with military weapons. Many fall dead. What a truce? People are desperate, but won’t give up.

11.31 Maidan stage, (Oleh Lyashko): The Yanukovych regime is finished, and our task now is just to save lives. Stay calm, there are police snipers at work.

11.21 Maidan stage: Police have been issued military weapons and ammunition.

10.52 Interfax-Ukraine: Seven dead bodies are lying on the ground near Kozatsky Hotel on Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) in Kyiv, an Interfax-Ukraine correspondent has reported.

According to eyewitnesses, all of them died of gunshot wounds.

10.45 Maidan stage: We offer ordinary riot police a guarantee of safety and an amnesty, and for Berkut (special riot police) a fair trial.

10.31 On Hrushevskoho, where a new barricade has been built, hundreds of people around, the police line seems to have been forced back to just in front of the Verkhovna Rada (parliament) building, where the police have made a blockade using trucks.

10.25 Absolutely incredible scenes here in central Kyiv right now. While last night the protesters were surrounded and besieged, as of 10:50 they have reoccupied the whole of Maidan Nezalezhnosti, and are rebuilding barricades on Institutska Street. They are also said to have reoccupied Ukraine House on European Square and moved forwards to re-man the barricades on Hrushevskoho Street. Dozens, possibly hundreds, have been seriously injured in the fighting. There are no police to be seen on Maidan now, except ones that have been captured by the protesters.

10.21 Captured police being led back through the people’s lines, under protection from fighters, other fighters trying to assault them.

10.19 There is no ceasefire: wounded people being rushed from barricades to Kyiv City Hall on stretchers and being carried.

10.18 It looks like the protesters have pushed the police back. They’re occupying space that was previously held by the police. It looks like captured “titushky” are being moved back through the new lines. People on stage calling for fighters to come forward to hold the new line. Fighting on Hrushevskoho. Do the commanding officers of the police have fled?

10.17 Police reported to have set fire to Kyiv’s Music Conservatory on Maidan Nezalezhnosti.

10.16 Mass evacuation of militia and ‘titushky’ from Verkhovna Rada towards Lavrska St. The scenario from government?

10.15 Russian militia badge has been apparently torn by protesters off a government paratrooper during a storm on Maidan. This may mean that Russian troops are taking part in conflict on the Yanukovich regime side

Latest News From Ukrainian Protests_19.02.2014

22.30 Tymoshenko: “Yanukovych can be stopped not by sanction, but a Hague Tribunal only.”

21.52 Ukrainian Olympians: “We, members of the National Olympic team of Ukraine: Matsotska Bohdana and Matsotskiy Oleh are deeply indignant at recent actions of President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. Instead of negotiations to resolve the conflict at Maidan ( we had a hope for while leaving to the Olympic Games in Sochi) he sank the latest hopes of Ukrainians in blood, thus breaking with the eternal principle of the Olympic Games – the Peace during the Olympics.
In solidarity with the fighters on Maidan barricades and protests against the bandit – the president and his grovelling government, we refuse further performance at the Olympic Games in Sochi 2014.
An imperishable memory of fallen heroes of Ukraine for freedom!
Glory to Ukraine and its Heroes!”

21.45 Obama called the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine not to intervene the conflict and warned of the consequences.

21.36 Zhytomyr Oblast State Administration seized by people and police department set in fire.

20.59 First Deputy Chairman of Odessa Regional Council  Oleksiy Honcharenko issued a statement of withdrawal from the Party of Regions and resigned.

20.45 Zhytomyr mayor Volodymyr Deboy announced his secession of Party of Regions and resignation the post of a head of  Party of Regions city organization.

20.23 In the Zhytomyr City Council Party of Regions faction announced the dissolution

20.20 Medical workers brought a charred corpse to Mykhailivskiy Cathedral, called for state emergency and rescue brigades, but no reaction. Protesters laid the corpse by the Interior Ministry Central Administration entrance, where officers were standing at that moment. Till now no reaction. Officers stand by the corpse lying.

According to doctors, it is not the only one charred dead body found in the House of Union burning all night.

20.12 In Khmelnytskiy protesters storm the SSU regional department.

20.02 A meeting of President Viktor Yanukovych and Foreign Ministers of Poland, France and Germany is intended for tomorrow.

19.06 In Lviv, at the military base number 4114, which is being blocked by activists since night, fire reached the weapons warehouse.

19.02 EU Member States have reached a preliminary agreement to impose sanctions on those responsible for the escalation of violence in Ukraine.

18.52 SSU steps back with its anti-terrorist operation. Now announced the anti-terrorist operation across the country is just being prepared, but not being implemented yet.

18.50 Opposition calls people to Maidan for informational meeting at 19:00.

18.48 The Ministry of Defence said that the Armed Forces can participate in the implementation of anti-terrorist operations in the country.

18.39 For the daypast, police arrested 77 activists, 40 criminal proceedings began.

18.33 Party of Regions MP Serhiy Tihipko said he supports the involvement of international mediators to resolve conflict in Ukraine.

18.30 Confrontation on Maidan continues. Protesters suspect the new attacs from Berkut, militia and ‘titushky’. The forces are awfully unequal, but people are to stand.

18.14 EuroMaidan activists occupied Kyiv Central Post Office, the State Committee for Television and Radio, as well as several cafes on Khreshchatyk St. The cafes ostensibly were given voluntarily. All peacefull

17.59 German Chancellor Angela Merkel outraged events in Ukraine and calls on the EU to implement sanctions.

17.58 US Ambassador Jeffrey Payyett: “The United States has canceled visas to some Ukrainian officials who are directly involved in the use of force against protesters on Maidan.”

17.50 The Ministry of Health confirmed 26 dead.

17.05 In Lubny protesters stopped three buses with ‘titushky’, disarmed and pierced the wheels.

16.49 Around 50 protesters detained.

16.42 Crowds building on Maidan – this is vital, because it reduces the chances of a police attack. The opposition can only hope that they get more help from the rest of Ukraine, and that the regime loses control of more regions, which will reduce its access to police reserves.

16.34 Chernivtsi militia moves to the side of people, – that was announced in front of protesters by Internal Affairs Directorate Chief  Oleksandr Demidov.

16.20 SBU and anti-terrorism center announced the start of anti-terror operation in the whole country. This mean the special forces and machinery are to be legally applied against protesters all over Ukraine…Now the government calls protests in Ukraine ‘terroristic acts’.

16.15 Is Berkut controled by nobody? Zakharchenko evouches he doesn’t control Berkut.
Neither heads of the Ministry of Internal Affairs nor the Department of Public Safety heads instructed nor directed the actions of Berkut during the protesters crackdown on Maidan, Bankova and Hrushevskoho St. Who then controls terrible actions of Berkut?

16.11 Two traffic police officers  threatened gun to “Dorozhniy Kontrol” journalist Ivan Dovbiy.

16.09 German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier accused President Viktor Yanukovych of postponed crisis. Berlin is considering sanctions against Yanukovych.


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