Massacre in Donetsk (Ukraine) on March 13, 2014

2 people  (some sources tell about 1 person) were killed, 1 person is near to death, about 20 people were wounded in Donetsk on the 13th of March.  People that shouted “Russia, Russia” started agression against mass-meeting “For the individible Ukraine”. Russian followers gathered round peaceful protestors, shouted “Russia” and nothing else, only used foul language, made protestors to  stand to their knees and then started beat people. Police tried to defend citizens that want to live in individible Ukraine but was not successful in doing this.

Despite all these facts and video footage  today Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs wrote on their official website that russian citizens suffered from the ukrainians on the mass-rallye and Russia  has the right to defend their citizens  in Donetsk. What Ukraine and other countries can do to defend themselves against Russian false propaganda and “Russian defence”?

Why people were so cruel to each other? Was this a russian provocation to justify russian military forces in Ukraine or to put forces to ukrainian western regions ? What it was? Ukraine never saw such cruelty during the time of ukrainian independance.

Police from Donetsk tried to defend people but not  very industriously. But it’s very good that police was there, if not we could have much more victims.


The victim of Russian separatism in Donetsk.


The busses from Russia bring separatists to Donetsk and other Western regions of Ukraine and Crimea. This bus will never go to Athens because it’s a false destination.

Donetsk 3


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