Ukraine, summary for April 4, 2014



Russian search service shows the Crimea (Ukraine) territory as russian one to the all the world. The only countries that see Crimea territory through yandex service as ukrainian are Turkey and Ukraine.

More than 180 countries in the world don’t accept the Crimean annexation and consider Crimea as ukrainian territory. Despite this fact yandex map ignores the wold.

But what about Turkey and Ukaine? The interesting question is the same through the centuries: why russian services lie? what for?

If you want to show your private position you can show it and we can buy your product or not. If you want be good for Turkish and Ukrainian clients than work for them, but be truthful because your service is good truthful information… Don’t lie to your clients!

On the left side: Crimea (Ukraine) is shown as russian

On the right side: Abkhazia and South Ossetia (Georgia) are shown as independent territories.

2) Dmitriy Timhuk (

(Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine)

Brothers and sisters, Here’s the summary for April 1, 2014.


1. First Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Yarema announced that since the end of February 2014, around 320 separatist acts haven taken place in Ukraine, and around 242,000 people participated in them.

This is not a good figure. There is no secret that for many separatists this is the way to earn money. Wave a Russian flag – get your 100 Hryvnias.

But it is also clear that the Kremlin just needs the following picture of the South-East of Ukraine: disorder, hesitation, and an acute shortage of Putin. This is an excuse for possible aggression.

2. Oleksandr Yefremov, the leader of the Party of Regions, claims that the majority of residents of the southeast of Ukraine do not support European integration and any negotiations about it should be held with the participation of Russia.

Brothers, let’s pitch in for a ticket to Rostov-on-Don for this little Cossack. Let him and Yanukovych form a duo. They will become really popular in Petrosyan’s show.

3. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has documented a “certain decrease in the concentration of Russian troops” at the Ukrainian border. Unfortunately, we have not been able to confirm this optimistic statement. According to our data, there has been no radical change in the quantity of Russian troops within the past week.

Moreover: military exercises of tank and motorized infantry units has begun in Voronezh oblast [region] of the Russian Federation, just 50 km [31 miles] away from Luhansk oblast on the Ukrainian border. Yesterday, the large scale maneuvers of the airborne defense troops commenced in Krasnodar Krai.

On the other hand, we would be glad to believe our Foreign Ministry. And we would be glad to be mistaken on this issue.


1. After discouraging statements by high officials of Germany and Poland that there are no plans for NATO enlargement, heavy artillery has entered the battle.

NATO Deputy Secretary General Alexander Vershbow announced today that the Alliance should consider the possibility of its further enlargement (hinting at Ukraine). At the same time, according to him, those protesting against this process (hinting at Russia) should get cozy in their armchairs so that they can comfortably hold their tongues.

It is clear that more than one European politician in Brussels will tear his vocal cords in the debate over Ukraine’s membership in NATO. But we observe officials of very high standing supporting us. And we should be glad they are not afraid of either Russia or internal battles.

2. Today, 15 separatist leaders have been arrested in the southeastern oblasts of Ukraine. Vitaly Yarema has communicated this information.

Is this a lot or is this little? 15 leaders means 15 organizations working towards the collapse of Ukraine. The SBU [Security Service of Ukraine] does not admit how many of them are left. But the government insists that separatist sentiments, are on the decline, although with difficulty.

Interestingly enough, according to government information, Yanukovych finances separatists with the stolen and smuggled billions [from Ukraine]. He is definitely a fool. He should have used this dough to slip away from his FSB guardians, have plastic surgery in Shanghai and trade fake jewelry there. And instead, he spends it on Putin’s gambles.

3. The Council of Europe has ordered Russia to comply with the decision of the European Court of Human Rights [ECHR] on the prohibition of military actions in Ukraine. Meanwhile, the provisions of the ECHR establish the obligation of Ukraine and Russia to refrain from military actions, which may result in violations of the rights of the people.

It is well known that Ukraine is certainly not eager to shed blood of either Ukrainian citizens or citizens of other countries. The same cannot be said about Russia. And although the latter could have cared less about all the norms of international law, the fact that the European courts are on our side is nevertheless a positive [sign].

P.S. – Friends, with your permission, I will take a break from daily summaries on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays). Of course, that is, granted there are no emergencies. In general, I promise to provide you with summaries for as long as you don’t get bored of them.


ukainian humour

Ukrainians have a good sense of humor. The new hot season is in the beginning. Ukrainian foresters placed the new advertisement hoarding: “Don’t fire the forest – you will have no place to be partisans!”. The hoarding was made in USSR style  and in Russian language…


The song of the one of the most famous russian rock singers Garik Sukachov was appeared in the network  with the new video. It was immediately forbidden and blocked in one of the biggest russian social networks  Here is the ukrainian virus of Maidan that Putin is afraid of…



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