Russia openly confirms the role of its military forces in the occupation of the Crimea Peninsula

Russian soldiers that took part in the occupation of the Ukrainian Crimea Peninsula got medals as reward for doing that (photo)

A very interesting fact is the date on the medal: As you can see, it is for the soldier’s work in the occupied territory between 20 February 2014 and 18 March 2014. BUT: 20 February was exactly the day when nobody spoke about Crimea. In this time, the situation developed in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. On the evening/night of 21 February the corrupt UKrainian President Victor Yanukovich fled Kyiv and finally escaped to Russia. That means: Russian soldiers were already very active in Crimea before the situation developed in Kyiv. Was the escape of Yanukovich and the occupation of Crimea a long planned joined operation of the dictators of Russia (Putin) and Ukraine (Yanukovich)?

Or: Already in January badges of Russian army soldiers were found on Maidan after fighting. Was Russia with soldiers or secret service agents active all the time on Maidan and supported the forces of the Yanukovich dictatorship?






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