Russia shells Ukraine cross border with BM-21 ‘Grad’ (video proof)


The inhabitants of the city of Gukovo (Rostov region, Russia), which is situated close to the border with Ukraine, recorded the footage of Russian BM-21 ‘Grad’ 122 mm multiple rocket launcher firing in the direction of Ukraine.

Gukovo, Russia, map

There are three videos confirming that Russia shelled Ukraine. One video was published by the citizen of Russia Dmtiriy Tlyustangelov on his VK page (Russian Facebook), however later he deleted the video. But it was too late, it was copied by other people and uploaded on Youtube. There is no information who exactly shot two other videos, but they show the same developments from different positions.

On the video below we can clearly see the Russian ‘Grad’ shelling the detachments of Ukrainian counter-terrorist troops on the territory of Ukraine. The background voice says in Russian: “Что это такое? Это с Града стреляют.” – What is this? It is ‘Grad’ shelling.

The Ukrainian internet community compared the videos with the terrain on map. And we can clearly see the position of Russian BM-21 ‘Grad’ rocket launcher as well as the position of a cameraman.

Gukovo, Russia, Grad position, map

On the second video the background voice, says the following in Russian: “Вот так вот весело в городе Гуково, ребята. Хуячит Град.” – Here how funny is in the city of Gukovo, guys. The ‘Grad’ fucks (is shelling). On the third video we here, in Russian: “Ну и всё. Второй раз только” – And that’s all. [Shelling] for second time only.

It is already a second time this week, when Russians themselves post pictures and videos of Russian troops being directly involved in the so-called crisis in Ukraine, but in reality the Russo-Ukrainian war, since there is direct fighting between Russian and Ukrainian armies. However, there is no official declaration of war yet.

I have to remind, that couple of days ago one Russian customs’ officer Artem Karat posted on Instagram the pictures of Russian APC’s crossing the Russian border in the direction of Ukraine. Here’s the article of, in Russian.

Maybe these new evidences will be enough for the EU to adopt some serious sanctions against Russia, and maybe it will influence France to cancel the contract of sale of the Mistral-class amphibious assault ships to Russia.


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