Russian soldier brags about “battering” Ukraine in social network (photos)

07.23.2014, 19:28  Podbornosti

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

A Russian Army soldier, Vadim Grigorievpublished evidence of attacking Ukraine from Russia on his Vkontakte account. [Editor’s note: the page has now been deleted].

Thus, at 14:19 on the 23rd of June, Grigoriev published a post: “We were battering Ukraine all night long,” and he attached two photos to this post.


Earlier, on June 19 he published photos of himself with his fellow soldiers, writing that they have already spent two weeks “in the field without a shower” on the border with Ukraine.

Photos of Grigoriev in “VKontakte” are connected to a map [displaying his location], and according to the information were made in Matveev-Kurgan region [Rostov Oblast] of Russia.

2(114) 1(117)

Recall that Ukraine has repeatedly recorded the shelling of its territory from Russia.
Thus, on the night of July 23, the positions of the Anti-terrorist Operation’s forces [ATO] along the border areas were fired at twice by “Grads” from the Russian territory.


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