Ukraine in 1990 – how we managed to devide from the USSR

The student’s Revolution on the granite in Kyiv in 1990… Further it became a reason for the ukrainian government not to sign the new agreement for the “NEW USSR”… It was the first victory of the democracy in Ukraine… There were three democtratic revolutions in Ukraine during 1990-2015, but due to the nature tolerance and peaceful character of ukrainian people the country is still under the power of former system… Only this year 2015 the law against communist symbols was passed, many members of the today’s government are “from the USSR” communists leaders… What ukrainians want? – They want to change their big country in a peaceful way… Who are against this? – The Russian leaders, the most memebers of the today’s government “from the former USSR”… Does the Ukraine has the chance for changes? – Yes, ukrainians are one of the most peaceful nations, but they love the freedome most of all… And now they struggle for the democracy in their peaceful way…


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