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CALL ME DOC – The film about doctors that saving lives in the war against Russian agression on the East of Ukraine

The Kremlin-inspired invasion of eastern Ukraine has transformed the lives of thousands of soldiers, especially medics, who have struggled over the past year to keep Ukrainian volunteers and Ukrainian soldiers from dying in combat.

Ukraine Today presents a new feature ‘Call Me Doc’ which gives an insight into the work of hundreds of courageous doctors saving lives in east Ukraine.

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Ukraine in 1990 – how we managed to devide from the USSR

The student’s Revolution on the granite in Kyiv in 1990… Further it became a reason for the ukrainian government not to sign the new agreement for the “NEW USSR”… It was the first victory of the democracy in Ukraine… There were three democtratic revolutions in Ukraine during 1990-2015, but due to the nature tolerance and peaceful character of ukrainian people the country is still under the power of former system… Only this year 2015 the law against communist symbols was passed, many members of the today’s government are “from the USSR” communists leaders… What ukrainians want? – They want to change their big country in a peaceful way… Who are against this? – The Russian leaders, the most memebers of the today’s government “from the former USSR”… Does the Ukraine has the chance for changes? – Yes, ukrainians are one of the most peaceful nations, but they love the freedome most of all… And now they struggle for the democracy in their peaceful way…

Russism – what is it?

A wonderful conversion of Christians into fascists happened in the times of WWII, and conversion of Christians into Russists* happens nowdays.

Russism (rascism or rushizm, Russian: рашизм) — the unofficial name of the ideology and practice of the regime Russia early 21-th century, based on the idea of the supremacy of the “Russian compatriots” their “particular civilizational mission”, antidemocracy and neocolonialism of Soviet imperial type, using Orthodox Christianity as a moral doctrine, and on the geo-economic instruments, primarily energy resources.
Russism widely uses the propaganda myths of the Great Patriotic War as a moral right to further violence in XXI century and denies responsibility for crimes against humanity during imperial and USSR times. Russism uses an aggressive military and economic doctrine, an idea of preventive usage of nuclear weapons and many other instruments to archive a revenge in Cold War.

Boris Sevastyanov – That’s, baby, Russism

1. As folk says the real fashist is the one
who shouts more! Fashists, Fashists! And nothing more.
Of course Хуйло is genius, handsome, smart and strong
He is a Tsar, A God, a savier for all – that”s all!

Your favourite task is searching for any enemies
You hate Yanks, Jews, Asians, Ukrainians.
If you are xenophobes, then who’s a Nazi here?
In schizophrenic ecstasy Russists appeared!

That”s, baby, Russism, That”s religious fascism!
Conquer, Take away your land, make referendums
That”s, baby, Russism, That”s church fascism!
You say “Peace!” for Russian world, Russian world peace!!

2. All Dr. Hebbels is worring about, all mass media is lieing
But Russian media is not just craming, but totally sklenting.
But Real brothers never do that, and never set it up! And
if we are brothers, then we are just like Cain and Abel

Your crazy TV is full of stinky propaganda
About huge support for Daumbass and Luganda
The journalists go out of their way making up stories
For medal they are ready to kiss Хуйло”s ass

3. We”ve lived in peace for 23 years. It was like a gift.
We never made war, sometimes lived hardly but lived
We didn’t burn synagogues, didn’t ban any language
Despite our fifth column making noise all the time

But South-East of Ukraine didn’t want to separate
We all are ready to fight for the unity of Ukraine
And every place Kyiv junta rules – everywhere is silence
And every place separatists rule – everywhere is violence!

“Strelkis” and “borodayis” came to our land
They bring only unrest and torture, war and distemper
And even your patriarch is talking war all the time
He is like devil, is blessing Russia for war and lie

Your religion is not faith, your religion is war
The whole country is dancing madly playing muscles
For you freedom means slavery, and war means peace
And you are ready to invite all planet to your bloody feast


Слава Русі-Україні!

Автор – Борис Севастьянов
1. Как говорят в народе – на воре шапка горит.
Тот кто фашист тот про фашистов громче всех кричит
Конечно, Хуйло гений, красив, умен, силён
Он царь и Бог, для всех спасенье, государство – это он

Ваше любимое занятье – это поиск врагов
Вы ненавидите пиндосов, хохлов и жидов.
Так если вы ксенофобы, то кто же тут нацисты?
В шизофреническом экстазе появились рашисты


Это, детка, рашизм, православный фашизм.
Завоюем, отожмём, референдум проведём.
Это, детка, рашизм, православный фашизм.
Вы говорите: “Миру мир”, “миру Русский мир”

2. А Геббельс нервно курит. Пускай все СМИ немного врут
Но ваши СМИ не просто врут, а тупо придумывают.
Так с братьями не поступают, так не подставляют.
А уж если мы братья, то вы Каин, а мы Авель говорком

Ваш телевизор переполнен бредовой пропагандой
Про всенародную поддержку Даунбасса и Луганды
Журналисты не знают как извращённей соврать
За ордена готовы Хуйла в жопу целовать

3. Мы жили 23 года в согласии и мире
Не воевали, не взрывали, пусть и сложно, но жили
Не жгли мы синагоги, язык не запрещали
А наша пятая колонна всё время верещала.

Но никакой Юго-Восток не захотел отделяться
Мы все готовы за единство Украины сражаться
И там, где правит типа хунта – везде тишина
А там, где типа ополченцы – террор и война

Теперь пришли к нам ваши стрелки и бородаи
И вносят смуту, и воюют, убивают, пытают
И даже ваш патриарх всё о войне вещает.
Он словно дьявол на войну вас всех благославляет.

Ваша религия не вера, ваша религия война.
Играя мускулами пляшет радостно страна
Свобода это рабство, ну а война это мир.
И вы готовы пригласить весь мир на свой кровавый пир

Рашизм (Русизм или Russism, также православный фашизм) – разновидность фашизма, адаптированного для СССР и России.
Главная идея рашизма – “защита русских” с помощью вооруженных вторжений в соседние страны.