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NEWS FROM UKRAINE – Dmitry Tymchuk’s Military Blog: Summary – July 23, 2014

Dmitriy Timhuk, The Informational Resistance group (https://www.facebook.com/dmitry.tymchuk)

(Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine)

Brothers and sisters!

Here’s the Summary for July 23, 2014


1. Two ATO forces’ airplanes were shot down today–the fighter jets were coming back to a base after successfully completing a special mission. There is currently no information about the fate of the pilots yet–let’s hope that they are alive.

But it is known that the jets were shot down at an altitude of 5200 meters [17,060 ft]. Man-portable air defense systems (MANPADS) do not shoot at this height, including the latest Russian 9K333 “Verba,” which had previously been seen in the possession of the insurgents.

Rashisty [Russian fascists] just bend over backwards to prove that the downed “Boeing” is their handiwork. Rather than go into hiding after the disaster, like cockroaches into their cracks, they demonstrate in every way that they bring down everything they see in the Donbas sky, and at any altitude at that.

Su-25 "frogfoot" aircraft originally designed to provide close air support for the Soviet Ground Forces.

2. The situation remains very difficult in the border areas.

According to our data, as of today, the issue of the provisioning of our troops, which are holding defenses along the border, is being resolved. So far, to our deepest regret, this does not yet affect all the units. Let’s hope that in the near future the problem will be solved completely.

3. Today, we attempted to establish why the terrorists needed nine black students from Nigeria, who were abducted in Luhansk (the media reported this yesterday).

Our sources found out [the following]. That terrorists, “on request” from Moscow, urgently needed to prove that NATO soldiers and foreign mercenaries are fighting on the side of the ATO forces. These are who the kidnapped students, dressed in foreign uniforms, were supposed to depict in front of Russian TV cameras.

I find it difficult to somehow classify this flight of fantasy. I would recommend for the insurgent “commanders” to record themselves wearing Ukrainian military uniforms and with that, to try and prove that all Ukrainian soldiers, without exception, are addicts. The exhibit types from the “LNR” and “DNR” [Luhansk– and Donetsk People’s Republics] are ideal.

The good news:

1. The ATO forces freed three settlements in Donetsk Oblast: Karlivka, Netaylovo and Pervomaiske. There are armed fights for Lysychansk [Luhansk Oblast].

With getting back/taking over Lysychansk, an important stage of the ATO will come to its end. But the most difficult task is ahead–the release of Luhansk and Donetsk after their complete blockade.

We believe in our boys. But there is a huge problem–civilians. It is the “human shield,” which Putin’s terrorists have assembled from peaceful residents, that is the biggest challenge for ATO forces during the liberation of cities.

2. Speaking of civilians. The SBU detained a terrorist mortar-man from “LNR,” who was shooting at residential areas of Luhansk.

It turned out that this gentleman was recruited by the Russian intelligence services, and with his “colleagues,” he shelled civilians on orders from his bosses in Moscow.

The very fact of the deliberate shelling of civilians in order to discredit ATO forces is the height of villainy and cynicism. But the fact that these monsters get caught, and with their help [Ukrainians] prove who is to blame [in this], gives [us] a reason to hope that Moscow will end its bloody farce. Although, knowing Putin, there isn’t much hope for that.

3. Lysychansk residents demanded during the rally that terrorists get out of [their] town. Yesterday, a few thousand Stakhanov [Luhansk Oblast] residents at the rally put forward the same demand to the insurgents. Similar rallies were held in other towns of Donbas.

Donbas has already realized [fairly] well who is who in the current events in eastern Ukraine. It‘s a pity that such a high price is paid for this insight…


News from Ukraine on July 23, 2014

      U.S., UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa

War, not the expected peace arrived at the doorstep of Great Britain and France when they gave up Czechoslovakia to Hitler in 1938. War is happening right here at home and not in faraway Europe – the United States were harshly reminded about this at Pearl Harbor in 1942. War descended on Ukraine and thus is now much closer to Paris and Berlin, because Europe and the US haven’t supported Georgia in 2008. War showed up in the homes of Dutch, British, French, German, Australian families because Europe and the US weren’t courageous enough to lend a helping hand to Ukraine in 2014. It is impossible to run away from war and overwhelming aggression, it is impossible to buy yourself off. The war will catch up with you if you don’t stand up to it with utmost determination.

July 23 – A court hearing concerning the abduction, transportation to Russia and eventual arrest of a Ukrainian citizen, female pilot Nadiya Savchenko, is scheduled for July 25th in Voronezh.

July 23 – The insurgents are trying to keep Luhansk, Avdiyivka, Horlivka and Donetsk under their control – after Popasna and Rubizhne were liberated by ATO forces, the insurgents started moving towards Alchevsk. Russian terrorists have fled the city of Karlivka on their way to Donetsk – up to this point the fighting near Karlivka continued for over a week. Ukrainian army is fighting for the city of Lysychansk near Luhansk. The Russians have again shelled Ukrainian Army from Russian territory.

July 23 – Another provocation by the Russian troops took place opposite the border area “Hirsk” and “Hremyach” in Chernihiv oblast (northern Ukraine, 600 km. from Donbas!) on Tuesday. Several military vehicles defiantly approached the state border of Ukraine, lined up in soldierly array, simulated an attack, and then turned away and moved along the state border.

July 23 – When retreating, Russian terrorists are destroying infrastructure, employ mines and blow up roads and bridges in eastern Ukraine, stated the spokesman for the Information Center at the National Security and Defense Council Andriy Lysenko.

July 23 – The insurgents shot down two Ukrainian military aircraft (pilots managed to catapult) and continuously fired at the other aircraft from anti-aircraft missiles, said the spokesman for ATO press-center Vladyslav Seleznyov. Putin cannot be stopped by Boeing 777-200 crash… The West must be prepared to remain “deeply concerned” for a while.

 Taras Voznyak, Low season… War


 Taras Voznyak, Chief Editor of the independent cultural and political magazine Ji (for Ukrayinska Pravda, 2014-07-23), translated by Christine Chraibiukraine separatists have shot down multiple aircraft over the past month1 Low season… War
ukraine separatists have shot down multiple aircraft over the past month1 Low season… War
Summer of 1914

world war 1 300x166 Low season… War

Serbia and Russia used ways and wiles to provoke Austria-Hungary into war for the division of Europe. A reason was needed. Events culminated in June 28 when the heir to the throne and Commander-in-Chief Archduke Franz Ferdinand von Habsburg d’Este and his wife were killed in Sarajevo. An international scandal broke out, and on August 1, at the start of the fateful low season, the First World War erupted in the middle of Europe.

Summer of 1939

German soldiers 300x174 Low season… War

The Nazi Third Reich sought reasons to attack Poland. The German SS and SD organized “Operation Canned Goods”, whereby Nazi operatives dressed in Polish uniforms attacked a radio station situated on German territory. The false flag operation was directed against the German radio station Sender Gleiwitz situated in Gleiwitz, Upper Silesia (now part of Poland). On August 31, following a cryptic command – “Grandma has just died”, Reinach Heidrich’s Nazi troops occupied the station. On September 1, Hitler declared war on Poland.

Summer of 2008

russia b 300x201 Low season… War

While all the institutions of the EU, the U.S., NATO, OSCE,etc. were reiterating a month-long litany of mañanas (mañana – never-ending “not now”, never-ending “tomorrow”) and fiestas (fiesta – never-ending “celebration of life”), KGB Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Putin decided that it was time to attack unruly Georgia. It was extremely easy for him to shell Georgian villages and another unrecognized “people’s republic” (South Ossetia). On the night of August 8, after Russian troops shelled Georgian villages in that area, Georgia reacted to the provocation; the Armed Forces of Georgia declared that “constitutional order would be restored” in the breakaway republic and proceeded to occupy most of Tskhinvali. Putin and his armies, of course, were waiting just around the corner. On the same day, Russia joined the conflict on the side of South Ossetian separatists, brought troops, including armoured tank brigades, into Georgia, and bombed Georgian cities, ports and military installations. Military operations spread far beyond South Ossetia to other cities in Georgia and Abkhazia, where Abkhaz troops united with Russian “volunteers” in their attacks of Georgian military positions.

Summer of 2014

While all the institutions of the EU, the U.S., NATO, OSCE, etc. were reiterating their endless “deep concern” and “very deep concern” about the annexation of Crimea and then fell into a month of lethargy – after all, it was tourist season on the Canaries – the sleepless KGB Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Putin decided that it was time to repeat the Georgia scenario and bite off a chunk of Ukraine. I was not the only one left with a feeling of déjà vu.

Everything seemed wonderful. MANPADS (man-portable air defense systems) were distributed among willing local drug addicts. Russia’s “brothers” received tanks, armoured vehicles, howitzers, BM-21 Grad multiple launch rocket systems and Buk surface-to-air missile systems. Russian military aviation took control of the skies. Russian troops openly began entering the Donbas region… all according to plan. Only tactical nuclear weapons were missing…

Everything went like clockwork… all the more so as the outside world continued to express and lament its “serious concern”. But, somehow it was only an Anti-Terrorist Operation, and not a full-blown military offensive.

Then confusion set in. The missiles did not hit the “Ukes”, (after all, no one would have noticed), but a Malaysian aircraft… carrying Dutch nationals, Australians, Germans, Belgians, etc. And, let’s not forget Malaysians, too.

452338794 605 300x162 Low season… War

Today, the whole world is in deep shock. Of course, only those who are not “professional” killers dealing in poison and stiletto knives are overcome by shock.
The shock will pass. Mañana is never-ending…

I believe it is not necessary to convince people that a savage massacre is no great shock for Putin. Recall all those buildings and apartment complexes destroyed by “nameless strangers” in Moscow, Beslan and Nord-Ost , terrorist attacks that make headlines when the nation needs to be “drawn together” – never mind bringing in operations in Chechnya!

So, the question remains: will it be this year or next?

But, let’s not focus only on the mystical month of August.

Back in 1979, while the world was enjoying Christmas spirit, the Kremlin gerontocracy made use of Christmas cheer and “joy to the world” to intervene in Afghanistan.

soviets 007 300x180 Low season… War

Putin also started the 2005 and 2009 gas wars with Ukraine just before New Year’s… so that holidaymakers in their winter chalets would not have time to react, even if they wanted to.

Even the 1999 “inside court coup”, when Putin came to power, was orchestrated on New Year’s Eve, December 31, when Yeltsin was forced to abdicate the throne of the Tsar of All-Russia.
What is important to note in the fore-mentioned cases – the world’s weakness and apathy, no new formation of the European Commission, loss of any pain sensations… I will not even mention the hushed-up voice of conscience.

But now, the threshold of pain has been breached and overcome. For the second time in the past year, Putin has invaded Ukraine. As the victims of the airline crash lie in the Donetsk fields, Russian military equipment continues to pour into Ukraine. Fortunately for them, the Russian people, as always, pretend to be ignorant fools, not seeming to understand who did what and where all this is heading. Do not kid yourselves by imagining that his conscience will get the better of him. Boris Nemtsov correctly repeated Shukshin’s remark (deceased Russian actor, writer and movie producer-Ed.) – “people have banded together in evil and depravity”. This is no time to drop our guards…

In conclusion, I would not ignore the upcoming month of August 2014 – déjà vu – the hundredth anniversary of the First World War that never wants to end.


 Adam Michnik – Putin Is Trying to Reconstruct the Russian Empire

    France, Belgique, Canada, Suisse

En 1938, lorsque la Grande-Bretagne et la France ont donné la Tchécoslovaquie à Hitler, ce n’est pas la paix, mais la guerre qui est venue frapper à leur porte. En 1942, lorsque les Etats-Unis pensaient que la guerre était loin en Europe, l’attaque sur Pearl Harbor leur a rappelé que la guerre se trouvait juste derrière la porte. En 2008, lorsque ni l’Europe ni l’Amérique n’ont soutenu la Géorgie, la guerre s’est rapproché de Paris et Berlin… en Ukraine. En 2014, lorsque ni l’Europe ni l’Amérique n’ont osé soutenir l’Ukraine, la guerre a frappé des familles hollandaises, britanniques, belges, allemandes, malaisiennes et australiennes. On ne peut ni se cacher ni se racheter face à la guerre et à l’agression sans bornes… elle frappera à votre porte à moins que vous n’y puissiez résister avec la plus grande détermination.

Le 23 juillet – Un procès aura lieu à Voronazh (Russie) le 25 juillet; il s’agit de l’enlèvement illégal par la Russie, le transfert vers la Russie et ensuite l’arrestation de la pilote et citoyenne ukrainienne, Nadiya Savtchenko.

Le 23 juillet – Des hommes armés tentent de garder le contrôle sur Louhansk, Avdiyivka, Horlivka et Donetsk. Après la libération de Popasna et Rubizhne par les Forces de l’ATO, les terroristes partent vers Altchevsk. Les rebelles russes fuient la ville de Karlivka vers Donetsk; Karlivka et les environs étaient soumis à des combats intensifs pendant une semaine. L’armée ukrainienne se bat pour la ville de Lysytchansk à proximité de Louhansk. Les Forces russes tirent de nouveau sur l’armée ukrainienne depuis le territoire russe.

Le 23 juillet – Le mardi, des provocations ont été orchestrées par l’armée russe dans toute les zones frontalières près des postes de contrôle de Hirshk et Hremyatch qui se trouvent dans la région de Tchernihiv (au nord de l’Ukraine à 600 km du Donbass!!). Plusieurs unités d’équipement militaire russes ont défilé à proximité de la frontière russo-ukrainienne, se sont déployées en position de combat, ont simulé des attaques, et ensuite se sont repliées et continué à manœuvrer le long de la frontière.

Le 23 juillet – “Dans leur fuite, les terroristes russes détruisent les infrastructures, posent des mines et font exploser les ponts et les routes.” – déclaration du porte-parole du Conseil national de sécurité et de défense, Andriy Lyssenko

Le 23 juillet – “Les terroristes ont abattu deux avions militaires dans le Donbass. Ils ont tiré sur les avions avec des missiles anti-aériens; les pilotes ont capitulé.” – a déclaré le directeur du Centre de presse de l’ATO, Vladyslav Seleznoiv. Les victimes du Boeing 777-200 n’arrêtent pas Poutine. C’est pareil pour les pays occidentaux qui expriment leur “grande préoccupation” si souvent réitérée!


Gdy w 1938 roku Wielka Brytania i Francja oddały Czechosłowację Hitlerowi, w ich domy przyszedł nie pokój, lecz wojna. Gdy w 1941 roku Stany Zjednoczone myślały, że wojna jest gdzieś daleko w Europie, Pearl Harbor przypomniał, że ona stoi przed progiem. Gdy w 2008 roku Europa i Ameryka nie wsparły Gruzję, wojna zbliżyła się do Paryża i Berlina – na teren Ukrainy. Gdy w 2014 roku Europa i Ameryka wciąż nie mogą odważyć się wesprzeć Ukrainę, wojna przyszła do holenderskich, malezyjskich, brytyjskich, belgijskich, niemieckich, australijskich rodzin. Od wojny i niepohamowanej agresji nie da się uciec, nie da się odkupić – ona przyjdzie do każdego, jeśli nie przeciwstawić się ją z całą możliwą stanowczością.

23 lipca – W piątek 25 lipca w Woroneżu obędzie się rozprawa sądowa w sprawie porwanej przez terrorystów, nielegalnie przewiezionej do Rosji i tam bezpodstawnie aresztowanej obywatelki Ukrainy, kobiety pilota Nadiji Sawczenko. Znane z fabrykacji nielegalnych wyroków sądy rosyjskie będą próbować zniszczyć bohaterkę wojny w Iraku i walk przeciwko rosyjskich okupantów na Donbasie.

23 lipca – Uzbrojeni przez Rosję terroryści starają się utrzymać pod kontrolą Ługańsk, Awdijewkę, Gorłówkę i Donieck, po uwolnieniu przez siły ATO Popasnej i Rubieżnego przenieśli się do Ałczewska. Rosyjscy terroryści także uciekli z miasta Karłówki, gdzie więcej tygodnia trwali walki, w kierunku Doniecka. Ukraińska armia teraz także walczy o Łysyczańsk pobliżu Ługańska. Rosjanie ponownie ostrzeliwują z terytorium Rosji ukraińskich żołnierzy z wyrzutni rakietowych.

23 lipca – Naprzeciw punktów Straży Granicznej “Górsk” i “Gremiacz” w obwodzie Czernihowskim (w północnej Ukrainie, za 600 km od Donbasu!) we wtorek 22 lipca zdarzyła się kolejna prowokacja rosyjskiej armii. Kilka jednostek ciężkiego sprzętu wojskowego wyzywająco zbliżyły się do granicy państwowej Ukrainy, utworzyły szyk bojowy, symulowały atak, po czym odwróciły się i ruszyły wzdłuż granicy państwowej.

23 lipca – Rosyjscy terroryści we wschodniej Ukrainie, wycofujące się, niszczą infrastrukturę, wysadzają i minują drogi i mosty – rzecznik RNBO Andrij Łysenko.

23 lipca – Na Donbasie terroryści rosyjscy zestrzelili dwa samoloty wojskowe z pocisków przeciwlotniczych, piloci katapultowali się – szef centrum prasowego ATO Władysław Sełezniew. Putina żadne ofiary Boeinga 777-200 nie wstrzymują. I oczywiście jest on zupełnie obojętny na “wielkie zaniepokojenie” Zachodu.

  Italia, Svizzera, Vaticano

Quando nel 1938 la Gran Bretagna e la Francia hanno ceduto la Cecoslovacchia a Hitler, hanno trovato la guerra, non la pace. Quando nel 1941 gli Stati Uniti credevano che la guerra fosse lontano, da qualche parte in Europa, Pearl Harbor ha ricordato loro che la guerra era in casa loro. Quando nel 2008 l’Europa e l’America non hanno sostenuto la Georgia, la guerra si è avvicinata più di prima a Parigi e Berlino – in Ucraina. Nel 2014 l’Europa e l’America non osano sostenere l’Ucraina e la guerra sta coinvolgendo le loro famiglie – olandesi, inglesi, belga, tedesche, australiane. Non si può fuggire da una guerra, da un’aggressione sfrenata; questa avanzerà ancora se non ci si oppone con la massima determinazione.

23 luglio – Il 25 luglio a Voronezh si terra il giudizio sul rapimento, il trasporto in Russia e poi l’arresto del pilota ucraino Nadiya Savchenko, di cittadinanza ucraina.

23 luglio – I militanti stanno cercando di mantenere il proprio controllo su Luhans’k, Avdiivka, Horlivka e Donets’k; dopo che Popasna e Rubizhne sono state liberate dalle forze dell’ATO, essi si stanno spostando verso Alchevs’k. I terroristi sono fuggiti dalla città di Karlivka verso Donets’k (nei pressi di Karlivka le battaglie sono durate più di una settimana). Ora l’esercito ucraino sta lottando per liberare la città di Lysychans’k, nella regione di Luhans’k. I russi stanno di nuovo sparando all’esercito ucraino dal territorio russo.

23 luglio – Di fronte ai checkpoint della frontiera “Hirs’k” e “Hremyach”, nella regione di Chernihiv (in Ucraina settentrionale, a 600 km dal Donbas) c’è stata un’altra provocazione da parte dell’esercito russo. Alcune unità di macchinari militari pesanti si sono avvicinate al confine con l’Ucraina, si sono disposte in ordine di battaglia, hanno finto di attaccare per poi ritirarsi e proseguire il movimento lungo il confine di Stato.

23 luglio – In Ucraina orientale, i terroristi russi, ritirandosi, stanno distruggendo le infrastrutture, fanno saltare in aria le strade e i ponti, – ha comunicato il portavoce del Consiglio di Sicurezza e di Difesa Nazionale Andrii Lysenko.

23 luglio – Nel Donbas i militanti hanno abbattuto due aerei militari, i terroristi russi hanno sparato contro gli aereo dai sistemi missilistici, i piloti si sono catapultati, – ha detto il capo del centro stampa dell’ATO Vladyslav Selezniov. Putin non si ferma nemmeno dopo l’incidente del Boeing 777-200. Proprio come la “grande preoccupazione” dell’Occidente.

   Portugal, Brazil

23 de Julho

Em 25 de Julho em cidade de Voronej vai ser realizado o tribunal sobre o ilegal rapto pelos russos e transporte para a Rússia e em seguida detenção da piloto ucraniana e cidadã da Ucrânia, Nadiya Savchenko.

Os bandidos estão tentando manter sob controle cidades de Luhansk, Avdiyivka, Horlivka e Donetsk. Após liberação pelas forças da operação antiterrorista de Popasna e Rubizhne eles estão movendo para Alchevsk. Os terroristas russos fugiram da cidade de Karlivka no caminho para Donetsk. Perto da Karlivka mais que uma semana duraram combates. O exército ucraniano está combatendo para cidade de Lysychansk perto de Luhansk. Os russos estão atirando ao exército ucraniano do território russo de novo.

Do outro lado da área do serviço de fronteiras Hirsk e Hremyach na região de Chernihiv (no norte da Ucrânia em 600 km do Donbass!) na terça aconteceu outra provocação do lado de militares russos. Algumas unidades de máquinas pesadas desafiadoramente se aproximaram perto da fronteira do estado da Ucrânia, organizaram formações militares, imitaram um ataque, e depois se viraram e estiverem movendo ao longo da fronteira do estado.

Os terroristas russos no leste da Ucrânia, recuando, estão destruindo a infra-estrutura, explodindo e minando as estradas e pontes – porta-voz do Conselho de Segurança e Defesa Nacional, Andrei Lysenko.

Em Donbass os bandidos derrubaram dois aviões militares. Os terroristas russos atiraram aos aviões de sistemas de mísseis anti-aeronaves. Os pilotos catapultaram. – Chefe do Centro de Imprensa da operação antiterrorista, Vladyslav Seleznyov. Nenhumas vítimas de Boeing 777-200 vão parar o Putin. Bem como outra “grande preocupação” do Ocidente.


Kad su 1938. Velika Britanija i Nemačka predale Čehoslovačku Hitleru, u njihovu kuću nije došao mir, već je došao rat. Kad su 1941. SAD mislile da je rat negde daleko u Evropi, Perl Harbor je podsetio da je on kod njih u kući. Kada 2008. Evropa i Amerika nisu podržale Gruziju, onda je rat prišao bliže Parizu i Berlinu – u Ukrajinu. Kada 2014. Evropa i Amerika nikako ne mogu da se usude da podrže Ukrajinu, rat je došao u njihove holandske, britanske, belgijske, nemačke, australijske porodice. Od rata i nezadržive agresije ne možeš da pobegneš, ne možeš da se otkupiš – oni će doći kod tebe, ako im se ne suprotstaviš sa svom mogućom odlučnošću.

23. jul. – 25. jula u Voronježu (Rusija) održaće se suđenje u slučaju nezakonite otmice Rusima i prebacivanju u Rusiju, a onda i hapšenju ukrajinskog pilota, državljanke Ukrajine Nadije Savčenko.

23. jul. – Proruski teroristi pokušavaju da drže pod kontrolom Lugansk, Avdijivku, Gorlivku i Donjeck. Nakon oslobođenja snagama ATO gradova Popasna i Rubižne oni se premeštaju u Alčevsk. Ruski teroristi pobegli su iz grada Karlivka koji se nalazi na putu prema Donjecku. Oko Karlivke više od nedelju dana vodile su se borbe. Ukrajinska vojska sada vodi borbu za grad Lisičansk blizu Luganska. Rusi opet pucaju na ukrajinsku vojsku sa teritorija Rusije.

23. jul. − Prekoputa deonice pogranične službe “Girsk” i “Gremjač” u Černigovskoj oblasti (na severu Ukrajine, 600 km od Donbasa!) u utorak se desila još jedna provokacija od strane ruske vojske. Nekoliko jedinica teške oklopne tehnike demonstrativno su se približile državnoj granici Ukrajine, prestrojile se za borbu, imitirale napad, a nakon toga okrenule se i kretale duž granice Ukrajine.

23. jul. – Ruski teroristi na istoku Ukrajine povlačeći se uništavaju infrastrukturu, dižu u vazduh i miniraju puteve i mostove – glasnogovornik SNBO Andrij Lisenko.

23. jul. – Na Donbasu proruski teroristi oborili su dva borbena aviona, pucali su na avione iz protivvazdušno-raketnih kompleksa. Piloti su se katapultirali – glava prescentra ATO Vladislav Seleznjov. Nikakve žrtve iz “Boeinga 777” ne zaustavljaju Putina. Isto kao i naredna “velika zabrinutost” Zapada.


23. srpanj. – 25. srpnja u Voronježu (Rusija) održat će se suđenje o nezakonitoj otmici Rusima i prebacivanju u Rusiju, a onda i hapšenju ukrajinske pilotice, državljanke Ukrajine Nadije Savčenko.

23. srpanj. – Proruski teroristi pokušavaju držati pod kontrolom Lugansk, Avdijivku, Gorlivku i Donjeck, nakon oslobođenja snagama ATO gradova Popasna i Rubižne oni se premještaju u Alčevsk. Ruski teroristi pobjegli su iz grada Karlivka, koji je na putu prema Donjecku, oko Karlivke više od tjedan dana vodile su se borbe. Ukrajinska vojska sada vodi borbu za grad Lisičansk blizu Luganska. Rusi opet pucaju na ukrajinsku vojsku sa teritorija Rusije.

23. srpanj. – Nasuprot zone granične službe “Girsk” i “Gremjač” u Černigivskoj oblasti (na sjeveru Ukrajine, 600 km od Donbasa!) u utorak desila se još jedna provokacija od strane ruske vojske. Nekoliko jedinica teške oklopne tehnike demonstrativno su se približile državnoj granici Ukrajine, prestrojile se za borbu, imitirale napad, a nakon toga okrenule se i nastavile duž granice Ukrajine.

23. srpanj. Ruski teroristi na istoku Ukrajine povlačeći se uništavaju infrastrukturu, dižu u zrak i miniraju ceste i mostove – glasnogovornik SNSO (Savjet za Narodnu Sigurnost i Obranu) Andrij Lisenko.

23. srpanj. U Donbasu proruski teroristi oborili su dva borbena zrakoplova, pucali su na avione iz protuzračno-raketnih kompleksa. Piloti su se katapultirali – glava prescentra ATO Vladislav Seleznjov. Nikakve žrtve iz Boeinga 777 200 ne zaustavljaju Putina. Isto kao i naredna “velika zabrinutost” Zapadnih država.


Коли у 1938 році Велика Британія та Франція віддали Чехословаччину Гітлеру в їх дім прийшов не мир, а війна. Коли у 1941 році США гадали, що війна десь далеко в Європі, Перл Харбор нагадав, що вона у них вдома. Коли у 2008 році Європа та Америка не підтримали Грузію, то Війна прийшла ближче до Парижа та Берліна – в Україну. Коли у 2014 році Європа та Америка ніяк не можуть відважитися реально підтримати Україну, війна прийшла до їх нідерландських, британських, французьких, німецьких, австралійських сімей. Від війни та нестримної агресії не втечеш, не відкупишся – вона прийде до тебе, якщо їй не протиставитись з усією можливою рішучістю.

23 липня – 25 липня у Воронежі відбудеться суд щодо незаконного викрадення росіянами і перевезення до Росії, а потім і арешту української льотчиці, громадянки України Надії Савченко.

23 липня – Бойовики намагаються утримати під контролем Луганськ, Авдіївку, Горлівку й Донецьк, після звільнення силами АТО Попасної й Рубіжного вони переміщуються до Алчевська. Російські терористи втекли з м. Карлівка на шляху до Донецька, навколо Карлівки більше тижня точилися бої. Українська армія веде бій за м. Лисичанськ коло Луганська. Росіяни знову обстрілюють з російської території українську армію.

23 липня – Навпроти ділянки прикордонної служби “Гірськ” та “Грем’яч” у Чернігівській області (на півночі України за 600 км. від Донбасу!) у вівторок відбулася чергова провокація з боку російських військових. Декілька одиниць важкої техніки демонстративно наблизилися до державного кордону України, розгорнулися в бойові порядки, імітували атаку, а потім повернулися та рухалися вздовж лінії державного кордону.

23 липня – Російські терористи на сході України, відступаючи, руйнують інфраструктуру, підривають і мінують дороги й мости – речник РНБО Андрій Лисенко

23 липня – На Донбасі бойовики збили два военних літаки, російські терористи обстріляли літаки з зенітно-ракетних комплексів, пілоти катапультувалися – голова прес-центру АТО Владислав Селезньов. Путіна ніякі жертви Боїнга 777-200 не зупиняють. Так само, як і чергова “велика стурбованість” Заходу.