NEWS FROM UKRAINE – AUGUST 10, 2015 – Dmitry Tymchuk’s Military Blog: Summary

Dmitriy Timhuk, The Informational Resistance group (https://www.facebook.com/dmitry.tymchuk)

(Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine)



За прошедшие сутки российско-террористические войска устроили 127 обстрелов и неудачную атаку под Староигнатовкой.

Об этом сообщил сегодня на брифинге в УКМЦ спикер Администрации Президента Украины по вопросам АТО полковник Андрей Лысенко.

«Сегодня, 10 августа, около 3 часов ночи, после проведения массированной артиллерийской подготовки, четыре сотни боевиков при поддержке 10 танков, 10 БМП и другой техники перешли в наступление в районе Старогнатовки, что находится в треугольнике Волноваха – Комсомольское – Тельманово…Благодаря профессиональным действиям военнослужащих ВСУ попытка наступления была остановлена. Противник понес значительные потери в живой силе и технике и был отброшен на 2-3 км. В ходе контратаки наши военные заняли выгодные позиции, в частности, вернули контроль над стратегическими высотами…Противник понес значительные потери в живой силе и технике и был отброшен на 2-3 км. В ходе контратаки наши военные заняли выгодные позиции, в частности, вернули контроль над стратегическими высотами», – говорится в сообщении.

Лысенко также, сообщил, что эта дерзкая атака оккупантов состоялась на фоне продолжения эскалации обстановки на востоке Украины, вызванная агрессивными действиями НВФ. За вчерашние сутки зафиксировано 127 вражеских обстрелов позиций сил АТО – это наибольшее количество с момента завершения битвы за Дебальцево. Каждый третий обстрел боевиков ведется из тяжелого вооружения. Кроме этого, российско-террористические войска провели 7 минометных и артиллерийских обстрелов украинских населенных пунктов в районе Горловки, Донецка и Мариуполя.

Dmitry Tymchuk: Military update 8.07 #FreeSavchenko

Dmitry Tymchuk, Head of the Center for Military and Political Research, Coordinator of the Information Resistance group, Member of Parliament (People’s Front)
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine
Photographs by Noah Brooks.

Operational data from Information Resistance:

Russian-terrorist troops in Donbas continue actively shelling the positions of Ukrainian troops, as well as civilian objects, including the use of heavy armaments in a number of areas. At the same time, an increase is observed in the number of terrorist shellings with the use of small arms, which are recorded practically along the entire demarcation line.

The most intense shellings by militants were recorded to the west and northwest ofDonetsk, in areas south of Donetsk (Berezove, Hranitne), in the vicinity of Horlivka, near the Svitlodarsk bridgehead, in the seaside areas, as well as in the area from  Zoloteand Orikhove to Shchastya and Stanytsia Luhanska. Units of Russian-terrorist troops are also highly active between the settlements of Novomykhailivka andPeremoha, in the vicinity of Krasnohorivka, Lozove, southeast of Pisky, nearOpytne and Vodyane, south and north of Avdiivka, and in the vicinity of Troitske,Shumy, and Leninske.

After a rocket attack outside Mariupol, eastern Ukraine. Photo: Noah Brooks. Source: http://ink361.com/app/users/ig-938895707/modernwarcollective/photos/ig-906899071896850802_938895707

In particular, the militants have deployed 120 mm mortars in the area ofNovomykhailivka, southeast of Mar’inka, and in the vicinity of Pisky, Opytne,Avdiivka, and Leninske. Armored vehicles advanced towards the ATO forces’ positions several times, under cover of mortar fire – two tanks fired on the advanced positions of Ukrainian troops near Pisky for 20 minutes; one tank and two BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles shelled the ATO positions near Opytne for 30 minutes (during this shelling, two 125 mm munitions fired by the militants’ tank detonated in the settlement of Vodyane).

Terrorists deployed 122 mm artillery for brief fire strikes against the ATO forces’ strongholds near Troitske, between the Horlivka – Artemivsk motorway (in the area of Kurdyumivka – Zelenopillya), and on the positions near Hranitne. Two strikes were also made on Krasnohorivka.

In the vicinity of Avdiivka, the ATO forces were shelled from 122 mm and 152 mm artillery, and 120 mm mortars. On the first line (closer to Yasynuvata), a terrorist tank group was spotted maneuvering (without opening fire).

In the area of the Svitlodarsk bridgehead, militants used mortars (82 mm and 120 mm) against the advanced ATO positions near Popasna and Luhanske; AGS-17 automatic grenade launchers were deployed against the positions of Ukrainian troops south of Svitlodarsk.

A terrorist armored group (3 tanks) was operating in the vicinity of Shchastya, supported by 82 mm mortars from the direction of Vesela Hora. The armored group shelled the settlement of Shchastya, with advance and retreat of the armored vehicles being supported by AGS-17 grenade launchers. During combat, several militant infantry groups were spotted moving towards and along the demarcation line. These enemy groups opened fire against the ATO forces’ advanced positions, in a number of instances.

Pieces of artillery and mortar shells in East Ukraine after "separatists" shelled Ukrainian positions. (Sea shells in Shyrokyne). Photo: Noah Brooks. Source: http://ink361.com/app/users/ig-938895707/modernwarcollective/photos/ig-991694745959600388_938895707

A group of “specialists from Russia” has emerged in Luhansk, focused on organizing contraband supplies of food from Ukraine-controlled territory. The group includes 16 people, including 3 women; they are predominantly representatives of the FSB and other Russian authorities. This group has no permanent dislocation, takes special effort to avoid attracting attention (the group members are dressing to look like “local militants”), are moving around aboard two Volkswagen T-4 minibuses with tinted windows (without license plates), two Tiger GAZ-2330 armored combat vehicles, and a “civilian” jeep. Members of these group are reportedly questioning the “LNR” [Luhansk People’s Republic] “businessmen” and “officials” involved in smuggling for information about any corrupt Ukrainian military servicemen (officials in commanding authorities, as well as members of private corps at checkpoints) who are participating in contraband schemes (possibly, to recruit them in the future under threat of blackmail). The local “Ministry of state defense” has been ordered to “provide extensive cooperation” to this group without interfering in its activities. The commanders of the group are in regular contact with the “LNR” leadership, while some of the group members are regularly visiting the “front line.” A similar special group from Russia has been spotted in Donetsk.


NEWS FROM UKRAINE – Dmitry Tymchuk’s Military Blog: Summary – July 24, 2014


1. The RNBO [National Security and Defense Council] announced today that pro-Russian insurgents prepared attacks in Sloviansk schools. In only one local school, #4, four explosive devices have been found. Other educational establishments in the city were mined as well. A lab for the production of explosives was set up by insurgents on the premises of a kindergarten.

I don’t know how to characterize Putin’s mercenaries after this. I am deeply convinced that a human being is unable to prepare the murder of children–and a massive one at that. Such a creature should be referred to as something else, but not a human being.

And yet there are those who still do not consider these creatures terrorists…

2. With all our expectations, the situation in the border areas (along the Tarany–Dmytrivka–Dolzhansky–Chervonopartyzansk and near Izvaryno) is not changing for the better. The positions of our troops are still being shelled from both sides–by the terrorists and by Russia. The supply problems, which are of utmost importance, have not been resolved yet.

We are far from alarmist sentiments, but it really is a problem that cannot be silenced. On the contrary, it must be addressed first and urgently.

3. The parliamentary coalition fell apart–the “UDAR” [Vitaly Klitschko] and “Svoboda” [Oleh Tyahnybok] factions left [the coalition]. The government led by Prime Minister Yatsenyuk resigned. Changes to the budget in the context of the ATO have not been adopted, neither has the law on combating terrorism.

And this [happened] at a time when the Ministry of Finance reports that starting from August 1, there will be no money even for payments to the servicemen in the ATO zone, and that changes in the state budget are needed right now.

I understand that early elections are vital. It is hoped that the parliamentary games will not affect the ongoing ATO.

4. The State Border Service of Ukraine reported that due to the actions of Russian border guards towards people traveling to the Autonomous Republic of Crimea from mainland Ukraine, some kilometer-long queues have been formed on the administrative border of Crimea.

Photo: http://indianriverposterco.com/crimea-visit-the-ussr/

Here, we really must investigate what types of citizens are so eager to go to Crimea. If these are locals frequenting mainland Ukraine, who are then returning–it’s one thing. But if it comes down to Ukrainian citizens who want to relax in occupied Crimea, it’s another.

According to our estimates, in June about 100,000 Ukrainian citizens went for a vacation to Crimea, occupied by Russians. Compared to the vast influx in past summers, it seems like a miserly amount. But considering that in this same time period, because of these same Russians, our boys are dying daily in eastern Ukraine, I think this number is unacceptable. I don’t think that even a tiny trickle of Ukrainian tourists to the peninsula should be tolerated.

In any case, the line up from the mainland to Crimea is only positive in one case–if it is a queue of armored vehicles from the Ukrainian Liberation Army. I believe this day is not far off.

The good news:

1. ATO forces are already in Lysychansk. It is premature to talk about a complete extermination of a toxic pro-Russian mold from the city, but there are no doubts that the city will soon be ours.

This is a strategic success. With the liberation of Lysychansk, an “appendix” that is conditionally controlled by insurgents, is being eliminated. This will allow the ATO forces to regroup and begin the next step of their operation.

2. In the case of the downed “Boeing,” the terrorists continue to oscillate between bravado and the instinct for self-preservation. As a result, their lies and Moscow’s lies continue to surface.

Rebel commander Alexander Khodakovsky of the so-called Vostok battalion - or eastern battalion - speaks during an interview in Donetsk, July 8, 2014. REUTERS/Maxim Zmeyev. Source: http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/07/23/us-ukraine-crisis-commander-exclusive-idUSKBN0FS1V920140723

The little leader of the so-called “Vostok” battalion Alexander Hodakovsky boasted in an interview with Reuters that the rebels did in fact have a “Buk” SAM [surface-to-air missile] system. Moscow immediately dispatched an order to the babbler, after which he immediately began to disavow [the aforementioned] as such, in an interview with Russia Todaypropaganda TV channel, vowing that he had not done such a thing.

But, thank God Reuters is not the Russian media. Here, journalists respect themselves, and don’t change their assertions to the contrary every second because of a signal “from above.” And now, Western journalists have become indignant, [since] the agency broadcast exactly what Khodakovsky had said.

It looks like after this mishap, the “DNR” [Donetsk People’s Republic] had an ulterior motive for suddenly prohibiting journalists from working in the conflict zone (presumably, this does not include propagandists from Russian media). We also send Mr. Khodakovsky our condolences. We shudder in anticipation of the sad news of an accident he will find himself in. The FSB does not like talkative fools, but what should [they] do if there is no one else at hand…

3. The Head of the Verkhovna Rada [Ukrainian Parliament] announced the dissolution of the Communist Party faction in Parliament. At the same time, it became known that the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Security Service of Ukraine had initiated 308 criminal proceedings against members of the Communist Party in connection with the support of the annexation of Crimea and for aiding and abetting the “DNR” and “LNR” [Luhansk People’s Republic] terrorists.

I don’t want to jinx it, but it looks as if we are finally breaking with the insane Communist past. That is the thing that would not allow the country to adequately develop for 23 years in a row.

We wish the European “left,” who are trying to stand up for the Ukrainian Communists, not to be such a “fifth column” in their own countries in an hour of sorrow, which is what the Communist Party is in Ukraine. No one likes traitors and collaborators anywhere. Even in peacetime, a normal political opposition should spur the government to move forward, and not to drag it back into the past tooth and nail, and in the direction of the neighboring Soviet empire at that.

NEWS FROM UKRAINE – Dmitry Tymchuk’s Military Blog: Summary – July 23, 2014

Dmitriy Timhuk, The Informational Resistance group (https://www.facebook.com/dmitry.tymchuk)

(Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine)

Brothers and sisters!

Here’s the Summary for July 23, 2014


1. Two ATO forces’ airplanes were shot down today–the fighter jets were coming back to a base after successfully completing a special mission. There is currently no information about the fate of the pilots yet–let’s hope that they are alive.

But it is known that the jets were shot down at an altitude of 5200 meters [17,060 ft]. Man-portable air defense systems (MANPADS) do not shoot at this height, including the latest Russian 9K333 “Verba,” which had previously been seen in the possession of the insurgents.

Rashisty [Russian fascists] just bend over backwards to prove that the downed “Boeing” is their handiwork. Rather than go into hiding after the disaster, like cockroaches into their cracks, they demonstrate in every way that they bring down everything they see in the Donbas sky, and at any altitude at that.

Su-25 "frogfoot" aircraft originally designed to provide close air support for the Soviet Ground Forces.

2. The situation remains very difficult in the border areas.

According to our data, as of today, the issue of the provisioning of our troops, which are holding defenses along the border, is being resolved. So far, to our deepest regret, this does not yet affect all the units. Let’s hope that in the near future the problem will be solved completely.

3. Today, we attempted to establish why the terrorists needed nine black students from Nigeria, who were abducted in Luhansk (the media reported this yesterday).

Our sources found out [the following]. That terrorists, “on request” from Moscow, urgently needed to prove that NATO soldiers and foreign mercenaries are fighting on the side of the ATO forces. These are who the kidnapped students, dressed in foreign uniforms, were supposed to depict in front of Russian TV cameras.

I find it difficult to somehow classify this flight of fantasy. I would recommend for the insurgent “commanders” to record themselves wearing Ukrainian military uniforms and with that, to try and prove that all Ukrainian soldiers, without exception, are addicts. The exhibit types from the “LNR” and “DNR” [Luhansk– and Donetsk People’s Republics] are ideal.

The good news:

1. The ATO forces freed three settlements in Donetsk Oblast: Karlivka, Netaylovo and Pervomaiske. There are armed fights for Lysychansk [Luhansk Oblast].

With getting back/taking over Lysychansk, an important stage of the ATO will come to its end. But the most difficult task is ahead–the release of Luhansk and Donetsk after their complete blockade.

We believe in our boys. But there is a huge problem–civilians. It is the “human shield,” which Putin’s terrorists have assembled from peaceful residents, that is the biggest challenge for ATO forces during the liberation of cities.

2. Speaking of civilians. The SBU detained a terrorist mortar-man from “LNR,” who was shooting at residential areas of Luhansk.

It turned out that this gentleman was recruited by the Russian intelligence services, and with his “colleagues,” he shelled civilians on orders from his bosses in Moscow.

The very fact of the deliberate shelling of civilians in order to discredit ATO forces is the height of villainy and cynicism. But the fact that these monsters get caught, and with their help [Ukrainians] prove who is to blame [in this], gives [us] a reason to hope that Moscow will end its bloody farce. Although, knowing Putin, there isn’t much hope for that.

3. Lysychansk residents demanded during the rally that terrorists get out of [their] town. Yesterday, a few thousand Stakhanov [Luhansk Oblast] residents at the rally put forward the same demand to the insurgents. Similar rallies were held in other towns of Donbas.

Donbas has already realized [fairly] well who is who in the current events in eastern Ukraine. It‘s a pity that such a high price is paid for this insight…

Russian soldier brags about “battering” Ukraine in social network (photos)

07.23.2014, 19:28  Podbornosti

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

A Russian Army soldier, Vadim Grigorievpublished evidence of attacking Ukraine from Russia on his Vkontakte account. [Editor’s note: the page has now been deleted].

Thus, at 14:19 on the 23rd of June, Grigoriev published a post: “We were battering Ukraine all night long,” and he attached two photos to this post.


Earlier, on June 19 he published photos of himself with his fellow soldiers, writing that they have already spent two weeks “in the field without a shower” on the border with Ukraine.

Photos of Grigoriev in “VKontakte” are connected to a map [displaying his location], and according to the information were made in Matveev-Kurgan region [Rostov Oblast] of Russia.

2(114) 1(117)

Recall that Ukraine has repeatedly recorded the shelling of its territory from Russia.
Thus, on the night of July 23, the positions of the Anti-terrorist Operation’s forces [ATO] along the border areas were fired at twice by “Grads” from the Russian territory.


Dmitriy Timhuk, The Informational Resistance group (https://www.facebook.com/dmitry.tymchuk)

(Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine)

Brothers and sisters!

Here’s the Summary for July 16, 2014 THE BAD NEWS: 1. Heavy fighting is underway in the ATO zone. Today, it is concentrated near the settlements of Amvrosiivka, Marynivka, Izvaryne and others. The RNBO [National Security and Defense Council] announced today that none of the cities previously liberated from the terrorists, have been abandoned by Ukrainian military. “Our servicemen have not moved a meter,” said Andriy Lysenko, the RNBO information center spokesperson, on this occasion. From ourselves, we would like to add that the very peak of today’s confrontation is located in the border area. Russia is helping the terrorists from its side as much as it is able to–with weapons, and personnel, and shelling from its own territory. Putin knows that once insurgent “ground communications” are interrupted with Russia, this will put an end to the conflict in Donbas. He will try to avoid this at all costs.

Grad being fired from Gukovo, Rostov Oblast, Russia toward the direction of Sverdlovsk, Ukraine today:

2. We, the IR group, are very alarmed by the new phase of Russia’s covert military invasion of Ukraine. Although it would seem that 300 Russian servicemen, whom we counted today, do not appear to be much. But realistically, it is they who are once again becoming the backbone of the terrorist groups, and the professionalism of the Russian military itself is responsible for the current meat grinder in Donbas. Local “militias” are predominantly criminals, drug addicts and other marginals, and would simply be unable to operate serious equipment and weapons coming in from Russia. This is clear to the Kremlin as well, who deploys its militaries to Donbas now. In early April, we, the IR group, reported on the entry of Russian subversive and reconnaissance groups [SRG] to Donbas (by the way, there were enough skeptics at the time who stubbornly refused to believe in the fact of the invasion). A few days later we got Sloviansk. In early May, the Russian soldiers disappeared and were replaced with mercenaries. We see nothing good in the new arrival of Russia’s little soldiers. … By the way, Russia has yet to explain the fact of the return of the corpses of its soldiers to Russia from Ukraine leaked to the media. For example, [the soldiers] of the 45th Special Forces Airborne Regiment. I would like to hear [Dmitry] Kiselev‘s version. 3. In Luhansk, terrorists are setting up [firing] positions in residential neighborhoods. Their inherent tactic is to hide behind the shield of the civilian population. And this tactic works. Conducting operations with minimal threat to life in such conditions is a headache for the ATO forces. The terrorists maintain the same modus operandi as bequeathed by Vladimir Vladimirovich [Putin]: to act from behind women, children and the elderly. I think Putin’s ancestors are spinning in their graves at the speed of a fan from the shame of their talented offspring.


1. During the past 24 hours, military aircraft conducted 29 missions. All day, the airstrikes hit insurgent positions, humanitarian aid got delivered, search and rescue actions were conducted. Each combat aircraft mission is one more step to complete the cleaning of Donbas. Each transport aircraft flight is saved lives and assistance to the civilian population. As aviators say, let the number of departures equal the number of landings. 2. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko signed a law that grants the ATO participants the status of Combatants. This is a small part of what Ukraine owes its heroes. But this very issue has justifyingly caused some resonance in Ukrainian society for a long time. Justice has prevailed. This law delegates to the Cabinet the authority to determine the procedures for granting the status of Combatant to those who fight in Donbas. Let’s hope that the mechanism developed by the government will not allow for this status to be granted to the military bureaucrats who flocked to ATO headquarters for a couple of days as part of their business trips. 3. The leader of the Crimean Tatar People, Mustafa Jemilev, has announced today that the Turkish Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation into the violation by a Turkish cruise ship of Ukraine’s ban on entering ports in occupied Crimea. It would be a very correct and logical step by the Turkish authorities. Turkey, which has a major diaspora of Crimean Tatars, today is a natural ally of Ukraine. That’s how we perceive this state. Each Turkish step that looks like a betrayal, will be painfully perceived by Ukrainians. We believe that Ankara is still on our side. But from our side, we also have obligations to the Crimean Tatars, as well as to our fellow citizens in Crimea. Let us not forget about this.

UKRAINIAN NEWS, SUMMARY FOR JUNE 25, 2014 (from “Informational Resistance” group)

Dmitriy Timhuk (https://www.facebook.com/dmitry.tymchuk)

(Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine)

Brothers and sisters, 

Here’s the Summary for June 25, 2014


1. The “truce” continues unilaterally. Terrorists fire at ATO forces’ positions, undermine railroads, and capture new administrative buildings.

Peaceful civilians are being killed. Including children. Today, doctors reported that one of the shrapnel fragments went straight into the heart of a 10-month-old baby slain by terrorists on June 24 in the city of Anthracite [Luhansk Oblast].

I don’t know what type of a beast shoots at a children’s playground from a grenade launcher. How is it even possible? One word: nonhumans.

2. Strange things are happening at the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine [GPU]. The reduction of the GPU size, announced by the agency head, is definitely a positive. But then immediately thereafter a strange rotation on the position of Deputy Attorney General took place: Mykola Golomsha was replaced by the former Kyiv prosecutor Mykola Herasymiuk.

Against the latter’s candidacy, let me remind you, were “Right Sector.” As in, this gentleman worked for the prosecutor’s office when Yanukovych was in power and falsified criminal cases against Maidan participants.

I’m not saying that “Right Sector” is the truth of last resort. But once such serious allegations were made, it would be nice to conduct a thorough investigation and put the record straight about the identity of Herasymiuk. And don’t appoint him for such a high position on the quiet.

3. Proceeding from prosecutor’s cases on to military affairs.

We received information that some generals, who showed particular zeal at the collapse of the Army under Yanukovych, now gradually test the waters for a return to a military office.

In this regard, we tried to find out the fate of an interesting document. Namely, the results of an investigation conducted by the Ministry of Defense in April of this year, regarding the disintegration of the Armed Forces. To our knowledge, this document contains the names of specific generals and admirals, the guilty parties, I’m not afraid to use this word, in the tragedy. These materials were handed over to the Prosecutor General’s Office, and since then nothing could be heard about them.

We were unable to find the end of the investigation–the GPU is in chaos because of the new appointments. But we are waiting for the Attorney General Vitaliy Yarema to shed some light. Firstly, the homeland should know the faces of its “heroes.” And secondly, we cannot allow these “strategists” back into the Defense Ministry and the General Staff. No matter how badly they want it.


1. The [Ukrainian] Cabinet of Ministers decided on the engineering and technical arrangement of the state border with Russia. There will be no Great Wall of China, but trenches, barbed wire and surveillance for sure.

Let the Kremlin moan and cry that Kyiv cannot conduct a demarcation unilaterally. It is clear for everyone (except the Russians themselves), that any neighbor of Russia can feel relaxed only by cutting themselves off from Putin with a high fence.

And behind this fence it is desirable to have a pack of evil dogs (that is the border control guards and the army). For Putin’s unwelcome messengers not only to remain without pants, but without something more valuable.

Because we “became friends” with Russia once. Now we have to disentangle ourselves.

2. In the EU, a new body is being created–a support group in Ukraine which will include European officials and diplomats. The group’s goal is to coordinate EU institutions on issues related to Ukraine.

The creation of such a body to work with a country that is not an EU member is unprecedented. Let’s hope that this is not only a beautiful step but a truly qualitatively new format of work between Brussels and Kyiv.

3. The SBU [Security Service of Ukraine] detained terrorists who were preparing sabotage and terrorist attacks in Dnipropetrovsk, and dreamed of a “Dnipropetrovsk People’s Republic,” which would work closely with the “LNR” and “DNR” [Luhansk- and Donetsk People’s Republics].

At long last, the dream of the failed “presidents” and “prime ministers” of the “People’s Republic” to work closely with the dregs of society will finally come true. However, it’ll be behind bars. Here, they can expect a fascinating and magnificent inauguration process near the prison bucket [toilet]. As their spiritual father Himmler was fond of saying, “Jedem das Seine,” to each what he deserves…

News from Ukraine on June 24, 2014


http://blog.img.pravda.com/images/doc/d/e/de75a-00britanian.jpg U.S., UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa

June 24 – A railway bridge was blown up near the town of Orikhiv in Zaporizhia oblast on the night of the first day of ceasefire between Ukrainian servicemen and pro-Russian terrorists. Is this the answer of “Putin, the peacemaker” to Ukraine’s peace keeping initiatives? As a result of negotiations held in Donetsk on Monday, Ukrainian authorities, OSCE representatives and the terrorists reached an agreement on bilateral ceasefire until 10 am on June 27th.

June 24 – Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested that the Russian Federation Council revokes its Resolution on “the use of Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Ukraine”, informed Dmitry Peskov, Putin’s Press Attaché. At first Putin let himself to use his army in Ukraine and then he changed his mind. And then he will change his mind again tomorrow. To cut a long story short – Putin has indeed become one of Russia’s tzars.

June 24 – Terrorists have shot down Ukrainian military helicopter Mi-8 near Karachun Mountain close to Sloviansk, informed ATO’s spokesman Vladyislav Seleznyov. 9 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in the crash. This is another of Putin’s “peacekeeping” responses to peace initiatives of Ukraine.

June 24 – Tripartite peace negotiations are being held in Donbas. The negotiators: Russian Ambassador to Ukraine Mikhail Zurabov (representing Russia), representative of the OSCE Chairman Heidi Tagliavini, the second President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma (representing Ukraine), Oleksandr Boroday (representing terrorists from “People’s Republic of Donetsk”), Viktor Medvedchuk (friend and well-known mouthpiece of Putin – it is unclear whom he represents), leader of the pro-Russian movement “South-East” Oleg Tsaryov and the representatives of “People’s Republic of Luhansk”. Russian Ambassador to Ukraine Mikhail Zurabov has stated that Viktor Medvedchuk participated in this meeting on behalf of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. Should we guess whether he was “defending” the interests of Ukraine? Are they again thinking of blocking Ukraine’s integration with the EU and NATO?

Ten Myths Used to Justify Russian Policy in the Ukraine Crisis


http://blog.img.pravda.com/images/doc/a/e/ae9bc-00france.jpg France, Belgique, Canada, Suisse

Le 24 juin – Dans la nuit de la première journée de la trêve entre l’Ukraine et les terroristes pro-russes, un pont de chemin de fer a sauté près d’Orikhiv, région de Zaporizhya. Est-ce la réponse de Poutine “le pacificateur” aux initiatives de paix du gouvernement ukrainien? Le lundi à Donetsk, les autorités ukrainiennes, l’OSCE et les représentants des terroristes sont parvenus à un accord sur un cessez-le-feu bilatéral jusqu’au 27 juin 10 heures.

Le 24 juin – “Le président russe, Vladimir Poutine a proposé au Conseil de la Fédération de Russie de révoquer la résolution “d’utiliser les forces armées russes sur le territoire de l’Ukraine.” – déclaration de Dmitri Peskov, secrétaire de presse du président. C’est donc Poutine qui a autorisé l’envoi de l’armée en Ukraine, et c’est lui-meme qui l’interdit. Et demain… il se le permettra de nouveau. En un mot, Poutine est devenu le vrai tsar de la Russie.

24 juin – “Près de la montagne Karatchoun à côté de Slovyansk, les terroristes ont abattu un hélicoptère militaire Mi-8 ukrainien.” déclare Vladyslav Selezniov, porte-parole du quartier general de l’ATO (opération anti-terroriste). Neuf militaires ukrainiens sont morts. C’est une autre réponse de Poutine “le pacificateur” aux initiatives de paix de l’Ukraine.

24 juin – Des pourparlers de paix trilatéraux se tiennent dans le Donbass. Les négociateurs: l’ambassadeur russe en Ukraine, Mikhail Zourabov (représentant de la Russie), la représentante du directeur de l’OSCE, Heidi Tagliavini, le deuxième président de l’Ukraine, Leonid Koutchma (qui représente l’Ukraine), Oleksandr Boroday (représentant des terroristes de la “Republique populaire de Donetsk), Viktor Medvedtchouk (parrain de l’enfant de Poutine et porte-voix de Poutine en Ukraine – on ne sait pas qui il représente), le chef de file du mouvement pro-russe “Yugo-Vostok” (Sud-Est), Oleh Tsariov et les représentants de la “republique populaire de Louhansk”. L’ambassadeur russe en Ukraine, Mikhail Zourabov affirme que Viktor Medvedtchouk participé à la réunion trilatérale au nom du président de l’Ukraine, Petro Porochenko. Vous pouvez vous imaginer comment il va “défendre” les intérêts de l’Ukraine! Est-ce que l’adhésion de l’Ukraine à l’UE et à l’OTAN sera de nouveau compromise?

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24. Juni – In der Nacht nach der Erklärung des Waffenstillstands zwischen der ukrainischen Seite und den prorussischen Separatisten wurde in der der Nähe der Stadt Orichiw, Gebiet Saporishia eine Eisenbahnbrücke gesprengt. Ist das die Antwort des “Friedensstifters” Putin auf die Friedensinitiativen der Ukraine? Am Montag wurde nämlich in den Verhandlungen zwischen der ukrainischen Regierung, der OSZE und den Vertretern der donezker Terroristen eine Übereinkunft über die zweitseitige Feuerpause bis zum 27.06.,10 Uhr erreicht.

24. Juni – Russischer Präsident Wladimir Putin hat dem russischen Föderationsrat (Oberkammer des Parlaments, Anm. d. Ü.) vorgeschlagen, den Beschluss über den “Einsatz der Streitkräfte der Russischen Föderation auf ukrainischem Gebiet” zurückzunehmen, teilte der Pressesprecher des Staatsoberhaupts Dmitri Peskow mit. Putin hat sich selbst die Erlaubnis erteilen lassen und jetzt sich selbst ein Verbot verhängt. Morgen wird er sich selbst vielleicht wieder erlauben. Kurzum ist Putin endgültig russischer Zar geworden.

24. Juni – In der Nähe des Bergs Karatschun bei Slowjansk haben die Terroristen einen ukrainischen Hubschrauber vom Typ Mi-8 abgeschossen, teilte der Pressesprecher des Koordinationszentrums der Anti-Terror-Operation Wladislaw Selesniow mit. Neun ukrainische Soldaten sind dabei ums Leben gekommen. Noch eine Antwort des “Friedensstifters” Putin auf die ukrainische Friedensinitiativen.

24. Juni – In Donezk laufen derzeit dreiseitige Friedensgespräche. Die Parteien sind: russischer Botschafter in der Ukraine Michail Surabow (vertritt Russland), Vertreter des OSZE-Vorsitzenden Heidi Tagliavini, der zweite Präsident der Ukraine Leonid Kutschma (vertritt die Ukraine), Alexander Borodaj (vertritt die Terroristen der “Volksrepublik Donezk”), Wiktor Medwedschuk (dessen Sohn ist Putins Patenkind; wen er vertritt, ist unklar), Anführer der prorussischen Bewegung “Südosten” Oleh Zarew und Vertreter der “Volksrepublik Luhansk”. Der russische Botschafter in der Ukraine Michail Surabow erklärte, dass Wiktor Medwedschuk im Auftrag des ukrainischen Präsidenten Petro Poroschenko an der Sitzung der dreiseitigen Kontaktgruppe teilnehmen würde. Es ist nicht schwer zu erahnen, wie er die “Interessen der Ukraine vertritt”. Soll hiermit etwa die Integration der Ukraine in die EU und in die NATO blockiert werden?

Zehn Mythen der Rechtfertigung russischer Politik in der Ukraine-Krise


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24 giugno – Nei pressi della città Shchàstia è caduta in un’imboscata ed è stata imprigionata la donna-pilota Nadiya Savchenko, insieme ad altri soldati ucraini. I leader dell’ATO intendono scambiare il pilota Savchenko per un terrorista, – comunica il capo dell’ufficio stampa del Ministero della Difesa dell’Ucraina Bohdan Sennyk.

24 giugno – Nella notte del primo giorno di tregua fra gli ucraini e i terroristi filorussi è stato fatto saltare in aria un ponte ferroviario vicino alla città di Orihiv nella regione di Zaporizhzhia. È questa la risposta del “pacifista” Putin alle iniziative di pace in Ucraina? Ricordiamo che lunedì nel corso dei negoziati tra le autorità ucraine, i rappresentanti dell’OSCE e quelli dei terroristi di Donets’k è stato raggiunto un accordo sul cessate il fuoco bilaterale fino alle ore 10:00 del 27 giugno.

24 giugno – Il presidente russo Vladimir Putin ha proposto al Consiglio della Federazione di revocare la Risoluzione “per l’introduzione delle forze armate russe sul suolo ucraino”, – ha comunicato l’addetto stampa del presidente Dmitry Peskov. Il presidente si è autoconcesso la possibilità di utilizzare l’esercito in Ucraina e allo stesso modo ha revocato la propria decisione. E domani magari cambierà idea. Putin è diventato vero zar della Russia.

24 giugno – A Slovians’k, i terroristi hanno abbattuto un elicottero militare ucraino Mi-8, – ha detto il portavoce dell’ATO Valdyslav Selezniov. Sono morti 9 militari ucraini. È l’ennesima risposta di Putin alle iniziative di pace promosse dall’Ucraina.

24 giugno – Nel Donbas sono in corso i negoziati a tre: i negoziatori sono: l’ambasciatore russo in Ucraina Mikhail Zurabov, il rappresentante dell’OSCE Heidi Tagliavini, il secondo presidente dell’Ucraina Leonid Kuchma, Aleksandr Boroday (rappresentante i terroristi), Viktor Medvedchuk (imparentato con Putin e portavoce di Putin in Ucraina – non si sa chi stia rappresentando), Oleh Tsarev (leader del movimento filorusso Iugo-Vostok) e i rappresentanti della Repubblica Popolare di Luhans’k. L’ambasciatore russo in Ucraina Mikhail Zurabov ha detto che Medvedchuk stia partecipando ai negoziati a nome del presidente dell’Ucraina Poroshenko. Non sarà che il processo di integrazione dell’Ucraina nell’UE e nella NATO verrà nuovamente bloccato?

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23 czerwca – Na Donbasie odbyły się trzystronne rozmowy pokojowe. Negocjatorzy: ambasador Rosji w Ukrainie Michaił Zurabow (reprezentujący Rosję), przedstawiciel przewodniczącego OBWE Heidi Tagliavini, drugi prezydent Ukrainy Leonid Kuczma (reprezentujący Ukrainę), obecne także: poszukiwany przez wymiar sprawiedliwości Ukrainy za terroryzm obywatel Rosji Aleksandr Borodaj (lider organizacji terrorystycznej DRL), poszukiwany przez wymiar sprawiedliwości Ukrainy za zdradę stanu były deputowany Rady Najwyższej Ukrainy Oleg Cariow (przywódca irredentystycznego ruchu “Jugo-Wostok” za oderwanie południowo-wschodniej części Ukrainy i przyłączenie ją do Rosji), bliski przyjaciel Władimira Putina i kontakter pomiędzy prezydentem Rosji i terrorystami Donbasu Wiktor Miedwiedczuk, czynny deputowany Rady Najwyższej Ukrainy Nestor Szufrycz. Rosyjski ambasador w Ukrainie Michaił Zurabow oświadczył, że Miedwiedczuk uczestniczył w posiedzeniu Trójstronnej grupy kontaktowej w imieniu prezydenta Ukrainy Petra Poroszenki, co było później zaprzeczono przez rzecznika RBNO.

24 czerwca – W nocy na drugą dobę rozejmu między Ukrainą i rosyjskimi terrorystami, w pobliżu miasta Orichów obwodu Zaporoskiego nieznane sprawcy wysadzili most kolejowy. Czy to odpowiedź Putina na pokojowe inicjatywy na Ukrainie? Przecież w poniedziałek na negocjacjach między władzami Ukrainy i przedstawicielami OBWE oraz Rosją i opiekanymi przez nią terrorystami w Doniecku osiągnięto porozumienie w sprawie zawieszenia broni do 10 rano w dniu 27 czerwca.

24 czerwca – Prezydent Rosji Władimir Putin zaproponował Radzie Federacji w Rosja uchylić uchwałę “o użyciu sił zbrojnych Federacji Rosyjskiej na terytorium Ukrainy”, poinformował sekretarz prasowy prezydenta FR Dmitrij Pieskow. Ponieważ prezydent Putin w całości kontroluje organa ustawodawcze w FR, to takie działania wyglądają na rozkazy lewej reki dla prawej władcy, który osiągnął poziom wszechmocy imperatora Rosji.

24 czerwca – W Słowiańsku w pobliżu góry Karaczun terroryści rosyjscy zestrzelili ukraiński śmigłowiec wojskowy Mi-8, według rzecznika sztabu ATO Władysława Sełezniowa, zginęli 9 ukraińskich żołnierzy. Jest to kolejna odpowiedź prezydenta Putina na pokojowe inicjatywy Ukrainy.

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24 червня – У ніч на перший день перемиря між українською стороною і проросійськими терористами поблизу міста Оріхів Запорізької області підірвали залізничний міст. Це відповідь “миротворця” Путіна на мирні ініціативи України? У понеділок на переговорах між українською владою, ОБСЄ та представниками терористів в Донецьку досягли домовленості про двостороннє припинення вогню до 10 ранку 27 червня.

24 червня – Президент РФ Володимир Путін запропонував російській Раді Федерації скасувати постанову “про використання Збройних сил РФ на території України” – прес-секретар глави держави Дмитро Пєсков. Сам собі дозволив використовувати армію в Україні – і сам собі й заборонив. А завтра знову дозволить. Одним словом, Путін реально став російським царем.

24 червня – Під Слов’янськом біля гори Карачун терористи збили український військовий вертоліт Мі-8 – речник штабу АТО Владислав Селезньов – загинуло 9 українських військових. Це ще одна відповідь “миротворця” Путіна на мирні ініціативи України.

24 червня – На Донбасі відбуваються тристоронні мирні переговори. Сторони переговорів: посол РФ в Україні Михайло Зурабов (Представляє Росію), представник голови ОБСЄ Хайді Тальявіні, другий президент України Леонід Кучма (представляє Україну), Олександр Бородай (терористів ДНР), Віктор Медведчук (кум Путіна і відомий рупор Путіна в Україні – кого представляє невідомо), лідер проросійського руху “Юго-Восток” Олег Царьов і представники “ЛНР”. Посол РФ в Україні Михайло Зурабов заявив, що Віктор Медведчук брав участь у засіданні Тристоронньої контактної за дорученням президента України Петра Порошенка. Можна здогадатися, як він “відстоює” інтереси України. Невже знову заблокують інтеграцію України з ЄС та НАТО?