The beginning

In the center of Europe, in the 21st century: In Ukraine Ukrainian people battle for their freedom.

What started two months agogood picture

with a protest of the decision of the Ukrainian President Yanukovich to stop negotiations with the European Union (EU) on an association with the EU and deciding for an even closer alliance with Russia, developed to uprising of the people against the dictatorial and corrupt regime of Victor Yanukovich.

The once under dubious circumstances elected president with a long accord of crimes, steals the wealth of the Ukrainian people and made the former Soviet Republic to an extremely corrupt countries, as the indexes of Transparency International prove.

Ukrainians do not want to become a Russian colony, as they had been during times of communist rule. They want to live in their own state without being forced to follow anything Russia and its president Putin wants them to do.

On Maidan Nezhalesnoti (Independence Square) in the center of the capital Kyiv the democratic opposition installed a tent camp that reminds of tent camps of medieval times. People from all over the country have assembled here to show their protest to the dictatorial president and the world. Each and every day, 24 hours a day, there are people standing on this liberated territory in front of the stage. They show with their presence that they oppose to the regime and demand freedom. A freedom they will never find as Russian colony. Soviets/Russians killed many Ukrainians during the time of communist rule.

Why the world does not want to understand that this mustn’t repeat in 2014?

The opposition acts extremely peacefully. They built barricades with the most simple things and their hand. The Ukrainian government itself uses extreme violence and brutality against the protestors, uses methods reminding of the the methods of the German Nazis.  During the 2 months of peaceful protest twice (on 30 November and 10/11 December the government tried to break up thepeaceful demonstration. At 4:10 in the morning 290 officers of  the violent “Berkut” special forces made a bloody massacre:

In Western media are few reports on Ukraine and they tend to show the situation as not being so bad. European politicians, especially in Germany, do not take position because of Russian gas and oil. The war against the own people of Ukraine, organized by the regime of Yanukovich, is not shown as it is.

This gap our blog wants to fill. The authors from Germany and Ukraine use publicly accessible sources and will publish them here. Additionally own investigations will be added, as we have a very close contact to the Ukrainian resistance movement and people helping us.


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